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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Just a Quickie Post!!!

Hi there everyone!! I just want to say that I am reading everyones blogs but my Blackberry won't seem to let me leave a comment on anyone's blog!! S o I am not being rude and not commenting I just can't figure it out!!!! I want to thank Sarah at Home Made Gorgeous for my Blog Love Swap goodies! I am waiting until Valentines Day to open them!! It is very hard and sooo tempting but I am going to be good and wait!!! They are so beautifully wrapped and there is a lovely heart box too, I have taken photos but can't show you!! How I miss my computer!! As soon as I back up and running I will post pics! Can I also ask Scented Sweetpeas to e mail me your details again as I did not write them down before the computer went down! I need to send you your give away prize, I have my e mail on my phone now but cannot access old e mails! Thankyou Scented Sweetpeas!!! I will have to go now and make some more Valentine Cards!!!
I have to watch Take Me Out first though! I love "No Lighty No Likey!!!" Have a lovely Sunday everyone.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

No Computer!!

Well,I cannot believe it, my computer has totally broken so I am doing a post from my Blackberry which I have never done before! I cannot figure out how or even if I can post a picture! It just does not seem right to have a post without an image!!! I had promised an artist feature this week all about Freckleface, I will have to postpone that as I cannot access the photos! If anyone out there knows if you can upload an image to your blog from a Blackberry, please let me know how! Two weeks ago I made a life changing decision to give up my job that I love and concentrate on my own shop and designing, never have I made such a decision and it was so hard I tell you! I am now telling you as today was my last day! Another reason why it is such bad timing for my computer to crash! I was in the middle of website work! Still never mind I have plenty to do! Tomorrow is the first day in a new chapter and it is quite exciting! Well I will have to set to and finish off some orders being picked up this weekend and some new ideas to spring to life!!!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Giveaway winner!!

It was Fin's turn to [pick out the winner this time! I have to keep it fair or else they will argue like mad!!!
The winner of my set of twelve cards is
Scented Sweetpeas!

I am pleased to say that Gabs has managed to contain her cough and touch wood Fin is totally on the mend and managed to not get an infection this time! He is back playing sports again and has a full itinerary this week, League ladder footy tonight, team table tennis tomorrow then sports club the night after not to mention the games and PE lessons in between!! No wonder he is a tired lad!

Now here are a couple more makes,

I enjoy making the notebooks and journals and they are going really well in my shop, I have had orders for special ones so I will be expanding the range as well. I nearly have all my work photographed so my website will be up and running very soon, it is taking me a bit longer than I expected as it is totally trial and error!!! I will get there in the end and will let you know when it is sorted!!
Some more good news too, Gabs has moved onto the next colour in her reading books too! She has been working so hard and I am so pleased with her, Well done Gabs!!
I also want to show you this heart that Jenny from work gave to me,

I had an image of this fabric on my blog for a while and Jenny saw this heart from a company called Court and Spark, handmade textiles by Phillipa Harding. I love it!!! You can look at Phillipa's website here, there are some really lovely things to see,
Take a look you will love it!!!  Have a nice evening everyone, I am a Holby City fan I have to admit and love to watch it!!!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

A nice surprise and some new makes.

I received a nice surprise when the March issue of Crafts Beautiful came through my door this week! My  work is on the cover!! I did not expect that as I was on the cover of the December issue, I am so pleased!! There are some lovely projects in this issue, it is all nice and bright and cheery, just what we all need! Here is the project that was featured.

After having a chest infection this week I am only just feeling a bit better so I have been absent from Blogland this week! Am on the mend now and have a lot to catch up on! My giveaway closes today to so I will be drawing that tomorrow, thanks to everyone who has entered and placed the giveaway banner on their blogs.
We, here at Fin and Gabs went for a lovely Sunday morning stroll and have just had a relaxing afternoon. Fin is still sulking over Man Utd loosing yesterday! and Gabs I am afraid to say is a bit poorly with what I think may be from me!! Will be dosing her up for bed!! Gabs has Asthma so I always worry when she starts with a barking cough. I have made a few new things and thought I might show you some of them,

There are some more but I will save them for another time!! I will be doing another artist feature this week, this time I will be showing the great work of Tania Lambert, the creator of the Freckleface range, so watch out for that later on in the week as well as the winner of my Giveaway. Have a relaxing rest of your Sunday evening everyone.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Second chance to win!

For a second chance to win a set of twelve cards post this on your blog!! It is the first time I have done a collage thingy and I know its not perfectly aligned but I am quite chuffed!!!
Just a quickie mention about Fin and him not being allowed to play sport etc... The worst thing ever could have happened, he came home with a letter saying he has been picked to play for the school team in a match!!! Why oh why could it not have been next week!! I have had to be a cruel Mum and stick to my word!!