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Monday, 25 July 2011

Fabric Swap Goodies and a treat for me and Hubby!

Sorry it's a bit late but I wanted to show you the great goodies I received from Callie over at Mu Mu and Squeaks place. Callie was my swap partner in Kandipandis Pad Fabric Swap and she sent me some real treats!

All wrapped up nice and bright and a lovely little vintage postcard too!

A lovely assortment of fat quarters, right up my street as well!

Plus a fantastic bundle of scraps

and to finish off with, some groovy bottle tops, the lovely postcard, a super little notebook and a gorgeous lavender heart.
Thank you so much Callie for all my goodies!
If you havn't seen Callies blog hop on over to have a look,

I have made use of the lovely floral fat quarter already and made this with it!

Hubby and I have had a rare treat this weekend, I took a bit of time off and we had a night on our own without Fin and Gabs! We have never been away anywhere and not taken them with us before and Fin is nearly eleven!!! We only went to York for the weekend but we had a great time mooching around, though we did find ourselves talking about Fin and Gabs all the time !! we missed them but enjoyed it at the same time!! I didn't take the camera so have not got any pics, I even didn't take a notebook, strict orders to have a proper weekend off from Will! I have it all stored in my head though!
Well the school holidays begin! A whole six weeks of no school run! I am so pleased, Gabs is going to be my helper this holidays! in between going out for walks and ice cream with Grandma and Auntie! Fin is just happy to be able to lie in and play footy all day!!! He has his friends lined up to meet!
Hope you all have a great week ahead and if you are going off on your summer hols, have a lovely time.

Monday, 18 July 2011

I won a Giveaway!

I was really lucky to have won a great giveaway over at Alix's blog Used to Bees, it arrived today and I just had to show you, it's fab!

These lovely little packages all wrapped up in Lilac tissue,

My favourite thing in the whole world! A beautiful covered Notebook and it has great images of Scarborough on, this is going to be my New Ideas Book!

A lovely book this time covered with a vintage cloth, too nice to use!

A gorgeous felted brooch, Gabs tried to claim this as soon as she saw it!!

A brilliant Union Jack pin cushion with a beautiful pin attached,

This lovely, lovely bag which came home with me tonight, full with my work for tonight! It is different on both sides and is just perfect.

This is great, it is lovely to look at and I could never cut it up but will get lots of inspiration from it.
Thank you to Alix, I love all my goodies they are perfect. If you haven't seen Alixs' blog go over and have a look, it is a lovely blog and I have been a follower for a long time, you will find her at
You will love it!

Well, it sure is busy this week! All sorts going on at school, I actually have to check the letters each night so I don't forget anything! It is tricky as Fin and Gabs go to the same school but one is in the infants and one is in the juniors and they are actually classed as different schools! I have actually had to apply for Gabs to go to the Juniors! it is only across the playground! It will be better after the summer as both will be in the Juniors.
Gabs had her end of term concert today and she was an acrobat in a circus, it was lovely to watch, the children had great fun.

Fin is chuffed as reading books have been returned, all Library books taken back and no more spellings!!! That says it all, think he is ready to break up and have a few lie ins. I must admit it will be good to not have the school run for a while! Especially as it has done nothing but rain lately.

I have promised Fin and Gabs that there pressies for their teachers will be finished tonight so I had better go finish them off!

Have a really good week everyone and I hope you have better weather than we are having here in not so Sunny Scarborough!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Crafts Beautiful

Just a real quick post to show you my latest project in Crafts Beautiful and a quick update!

It seems like such a long time that I did these! I have been making more Seaside cards for Woodend Gallery today and they will be on their way into the Gallery tomorrow.
I haven't posted since June which is a bit bad! I do have good reason though, I have moved into a bigger shop in the last two weeks, it is still on the same road but opposite and has a lot more space to work so much to Will's relief I no longer have a work station at home and keep it all at work, much better all round except I now have no excuse to not do the ironing!! hence the late post tonight as I have just done three hours of it!

It is all go at School for Fin and Gabs at the minute! Concerts, sports days, school fairs not to mention reports and going to visit new classes for next year. Fin is pleased as he has the teacher he wanted! Though not so pleased that his sports day team came third!!
Gabs is going into the juniors so is very excited.

I will take some photos of the shop and post them this weekend, I don't think I ever posted a pic of the other one, I will now though as Will and Bill have made such a great job of painting it I will have to show their handiwork!
Have a great week everyone.