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Friday, 30 December 2011

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas

It's been a while!! Hope you all had a really lovely Christmas, we all did, it was nice and quiet and just the four of us, we went to visit Grandma and Grandad at the farm, had a gorgeous breakfast, got some gifts from Santa and then had a lovely rest of the day at home. We are all totally tired and sleeping lots, even Gabs!! she was the last one up yesterday, that is a first!!
Fin and Gabs did however try to get up at 1.00 am on Christmas morning! needless to say the pair of them were sent back to bed, they did eventually get to sleep and we ended up not getting up until 8.30! Fab!
I am loving the lie ins I must say. I do not miss the school run at all and am actually quite glad that we have another week free of it yet!
Now that the mad time of Christmas is over, I went back into work after being closed for a few days to be greeted with a massive mess in my work area! so New Years res no:1 TIDY  UP! blimey what a tip.
I can now show you a commission I had for a seaside project as they have now been given out, I did show these in a gallery exhibition but have had commissions from the originals, this is one of them,

I really enjoyed doing these as they are always different as customers ask for messages to be placed in the postcards which are relevant to their family, I have a few to do for presents later in the new year.
I hope that you all have a great New Year celebration whatever you may be doing and see you all in 2012!