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Monday, 29 August 2011

Mad makes before a break!!

I am officially having a week off!! I had to do some mad making first though, two orders for two lovely new stockists, more about that later and a project for a new magazine, more about that later too! Can't say yet! plus I needed to make sure the shop was fully stocked for when I get back in or I would just worry about it the whole time I am off. We are not going away or anything, just taking Fin and Gabs off for days out and about. Though today we have just been tourists at home and had a lovely day having coffee and not rushing about, we did manage to get the last of the school things bought today as well (cannot believe how quickly the school holidays have gone!)
I have got some lovely new things in from the talented Zoe at Scented Sweetpeas, lovely hairclips and headbands,

The little girls are really loving them! take a look at Zoe's great blog it is a lovely blog and you can also look at Zoe's shop too, and see all of Zoe's great makes.

Here are some of my mad makes!

Yes already!! People are mentioning the C word!! Have a nice stock of Christmas Cards made just not sure when to frighten people and put them out! It is too early for me and I was genuinely shocked when asked to see samples for Christmas! I have taken some more mad makes pics on my phone but cannot for the life of me get them from my Blackberry to my computer! I will have to study the manual a bit more!
Have a lovely week everyone, hopefully with a bit of Sun amidst the rain!

Monday, 15 August 2011

The PJ Day that never happened!! and some new and some old designs.

We all fully intended to have a Sunday PJ day this Sunday! It never happened! though we did have a bit of a lie in for once, ie Gabs slept till six instead of five!!! We ended up on a mammoth walk instead all around the bay where we live and along the beach, paddling in the sea along the way, it was much better than a PJ day any day as the sun shone all day long. We finished the day off by having a three hour game of Monopoly the four of us!, it was fab! I have been doing lots of orders but also trying to come up with some new things in between trying to keep Fin and Gabs occupied, this can prove a little difficult when they get bored, so I have been in and out of my shop really to keep them happy! Have managed to keep stock levels up though and add a few new makes.

I cannot make enough of these, and they are now in one of our local galleries.

This an adaption from a card that I have done for years and have made into a picture, this is soon to be in the Gallery too.

There is a great swap going on over at Blueberry Heart, I have joined in. It sounds good!

  Have a great week everyone!