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Sunday, 27 March 2011

A little Sunshine goes a long Way!!

It has been a lovely, lovely week and then it gets to Sunday and the Sun has gone!! Still it was so nice to have the sunshine this week even if it did make me realise I need to clean all my windows and do serious housework!
It is Fins last footy match of the season today!! Not that I am pleased or anything! the lie ins on a weekend will do him good on a weekend for a while! Gabs had a party to go to yesterday and she had a really good time, it was at the Sea Life Centre so it was a little bit different and in Gabs own words, "It was awesome!"

Fin and Gabs have enjoyed the sunshine too, it has been lovely being able to go to the park after school and wander down to the beach, a little sunshine really does go a long way.

I have been doing lots of making, especially for Mothers Day! I got the Crafts Beautiful project done and safely sent off! Wedding invitations on the way to being done, I have cut out the dreaded 350 mini triangles for the bunting! and have painted lots of slates, it's been a lovely week!

I have a busy card making day on Monday. I am doing Easter cards with Gabs class during the day and Mothers Day Cards with the Rainbow group in the evening so I am looking forward to something different!!
Well am now going to watch Fins footy match, have a lovely week everyone and I hope it's sunny for you all.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Homespun and Vintage Fair

The date is set!! I am so looking forward to this event again, it was such a lovely day last year. So if you are in the area please come and see us all it will be lovely to see you.
I have been working away this week, trying to make for the above fair and keep my shop full plus doing a Crafts Beautiful project!! Am glad it is Saturday and I now have a couple of days off. Today has been glorious and sunny and I truly went to work today with a spring in my step, the sunshine has a knack of doing that!!
There seems to have been a run on babies being born and christenings this week!! So I created a card and made a few so I had them in stock to personalise as needed!

It worked as I do not have any left!!! I also found some lovely flower trim in  a gorgeous  vintage green and created the following card,

I have personalised a few of these into Mothers Day cards today, think my Mum might like this one!
Fin and Will are going to watch footy tomorrow, Sunderland v Liverpool, why I am not sure as Fin supports Man Utd and hates Liverpool!!! Still it means I have a day with Gabs, so off to the Farm we go!!! I will do some jobs with Grandma and Gabs can play with her cousin Kianna, I will however have to do a bit of housework first!!!! I am not going ant where near a pair of scissors tomorrow!! have promised Gabs!!!
Lucky for Fin, Sundays footy match was rescheduled for today so he did not miss out, though his team lost 2-1, never mind Fin!!!
Gabs started dancing at school this week, she loved it!! She was with all her little friends so that made it even better!
Hope you all have  a lovely sunny Sunday!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Windy City!!

As Doris Day says "The Windy City is mighty pretty" well it has been a lovely day with lots of pretty sunshine but also mighty windy!!! Luckily I took a photo of this

before the wind got it and lifted it from the shelf and smashed into bits!! Well it toppled off!! I am now making another one! They are pieces of slate which I buy from the Brilliant Barry who cuts, sands and puts the holes in for me! then I can paint and decorate them, it makes a change from fabric and ribbons! Have to do an order for one in Duck egg blue and hand draw on it so I will show you that one when it is done.

Wey hey have some fab news Gab has gone up to Orange books!! she is flying through the books now! Well done Gabs! Fin has been picked to be in the Table Tennis A Team, so there is another commitment for him! He is so shattered by Friday and then it's footy!! Go for it Sporty lad!!!

Speaking of Fin have to go and test him on his spellings, test every Friday!!!
It's nearly the weekend!! Have a good evening everyone.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Glad to be back!

Hi there everyone I have finally got my computer back! I have really rather missed it!! Firstly being out of touch with all you out there, secondly I had to write all my words out for my Crafts Beautiful projects on my Blackberry which was no fun at all! and thirdly I need to get my website up and going! Not to mention Fin and Gabs not being able to look at footy sites and Gabs' favourite, I Carly!!!!
Since I last blogged Fin and Gabs have been up to a lot, Fin played the top of the league team and they only lost 2-0 which was fab!!! He also had a chance to play midfield which is where his heart is! Gabs has been busy making all sorts of things with me (a good little apprentice in the making!!!) she made two lovely little cards without any help at all from me and I promised I would put them out for sale and a lovely lady bought them!!! They really were good and I stupidly didn't take a pic of them!!
Half term came and went in a flash, it was my first school holiday of working for myself and what a difference it made!!! Totally stress free and not having to rely on anyone was great! I managed to keep a happy medium between working in the shop and going out for a walk with Fin and Gabs to keep them happy!
One good thing for not having a computer was that I had a lot more time for other stuff and proved to myself that I do indeed spend too much time on this computer!! So I am going to be disciplined and not be on it all the time, I do however have a lot of blog catching up to do and lots of comments to leave which will take me a while!! I gave up looking at blogs on my phone it took far too long!!!
I have had lots of time to make all sorts so I will show you some bits and bobs.

Think that is enough for now! lots to show you in future posts! Now I really must go and catch up on some blog reading, have a great evening everyone