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Wednesday, 18 January 2012


"Mum, you're not pregnant are you?"
Those are the words which Gabs asked me yesterday! innocently over a coffee whilst Fin was at Table Tennis!
"No Gab! why"
Was my reply,
"Oh well you'll just have to adopt one then, but I want a girl, and she has to be my age, so Fin can't play with her!
What can I really say to that!
Sibling rivalry at its best!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

A great start to the year! and Happy Birthday Hubby!

Not really!!! We awoke on Friday to a lovely note from our neighbour saying we had a  rather large hole in our roof! That put a damper on the start of 2012, had been quite happy the previous day with good news of magazine commissions for the year ahead, still what can you do! It is now fixed before the rain comes again but they do say things come in threes so I do expect more of the same!                                                  Wills birthday seems to every year crop up really quickly! Happy Birthday Will! Better not say how old but it's 40 plus a few! This year I was actually prepared! Nice tea cooking and everything! Unfortunately today was Fins first day back at footy so Will has spent the afternoon on the footy field! still, gave me chance to sort out said nice tea! The score was 7-4, hmmm Fin not in a very good mood! He did score one of the four goals though! so well done Fin.

Fin and Gabs back to school tomorrow, I am sure they are pleased as for the last two days they have done nothing but fight! I am ashamed to say that I have only just done the ironing of the uniforms! I have had three weeks! I always leave absolutely everything to the last minute! Though it is one my New Year Res to be a little more prepared and of course give up chocolate! lasted three months last year! am only on day seven and trying not to look at all Fin and Gabs sweets!
Been making lots of Valentine cards, see I am actually prepared!
Made these little bits this week,

Been having some fun finding some bright and cheery fabrics for new makes, I love it after the holiday is over and we can concentrate on the coming months and brighten everything up! even though it is dark and drab nearly all the time!Saying that, it has been really nice here all day, we had a nice walk along the beach this morning before footy.
Well nice tea is nearly ready so have a lovely week everyone.