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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Fins' turn!!!

I have had permission from Fin to show this pic!!! All photos were carefully looked through before he let one on view to you all!!!
Fin had his footy presentation evening and wow!! he received a whopping three trophies, well done Fin!

They now hold pride of place in the Dining room on the fire place, not to be moved.

The pic only shows two trophies, I am not allowed to put any more on!! Hope everyone had a lovely bank holiday weekend, ours here in Yorkshire was very wet! then lo and behold what happens this morning when it's back to work! glorious sunshine! Never mind we trundled off to York, did the museums with Fin and Gabs, then managed a little look in town, snook into Cath Kidston but it was so busy we came out again, I did manage to look in my favourite shop, Paperchase and bought some lovely paper and bits for future projects, I was also pleased to find that the craft mount I use is still £9.00! it has gone up in price here at our local Art shop to £22.00 a tin. I found it on Amazon for around £9.00 as well so I just don't get it!! Needless to say I stocked up!
I am working on some new and exciting projects for some new magazine work, looking forward to showing you that when it comes out!
Have a great week everyone, and for those of you who have children off for half term like me, have a fab time and hope for sunshine!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Another award for Gabs! and some more makes.

Gabs is having a real good time of it at the moment, her little life is full of parties and nice things (just as it should be!!) Gabs came running out of school with an award which she is really proud of. It is quite amazing that she has the award as she has asthma but she seems to be able  to save up all her bad times for weekends and holidays!!! She loves school!

Gabs has quite a collection of these and I can honestly say that Gabs has not missed more than two days of school in her three years of attendance!! Go Gabs!

Fin on the other hand is simply filling his time with sport as usual and is pleased that his training is still on even though his season is over! Grabbed him a bargain pair of new footy boots, Predators he tells me though that means nothing to me!! He is desperate for the season to start again!!! He has had rounder team tryouts today and is hoping to make the team. How will he fit it all in!!!

I have just been plodding along in my little shop and making lots of things. My makes are now in the safe hands of the Gallery so that is one thing off my list. I normally have a day off on a Monday but decided to go into my shop and catch up on some orders. I have some lovely cards in that I have bought in to try and take the pressure off me and whilst I do sell them as they are all so lovely, people like to order personalised cards which is good for me! Whilst I was in today I had six more orders,  so maybe should have stayed home!!!!

Next Monday I have the first of a set of three workshops that I am doing at one of our local craft shops, I am actually quite nervous about this but looking forward to it at the same time. The shop is called The Craft Store and is in Scarborough on Victoria Road. The lady who owns the shop has a great range of stock but does not have a website yet but it is on the way so I will give you the web address when it is up and running. My first workshop is on the theme of celebration cards.

I have been doing some new things, experimenting really, here are some.

I also have some new items in from some talented ladies!!! The crochet birds are by a lady called Naomi Newton and I met her at the vintage fair in Pickering, she has a lovely blog if you have not seen it called take a look it is lovely and here are her birdies!

They are just lovely!!! I also have the most lovely needlecase and lavender hangings, both with a chicken theme! These are by a lady called Linda Jones, she too has a lovely website called take a look and you will be able to link to her blog from here, and here are her treasures that she makes,

these really are vintage treasures which are so lovely to look at!!!

I need to go and read some blogs now!! Lots to catch up on! Have a lovely week everyone