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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Inspiration from Gabs!!!

Do you like my new card? It is made from some lovely fabric from Seamstar but was initially inspired by a little drawing that Gabs did! It is shown below and I just thought it was so lovely that I wanted to do something like it and call it Sunny Roses! So my new range is going to be called "Sunny Roses and Floral Blooms" Thanks Gabs you are a star!!

A future designer in the making I think!! Way to go Gabs!!

I just love the work of company Belle and Boo and the above artwork is currently on their blog so check it out! The link to their blog is in the side panel, it really is lovely!
Just a quick blog today! Have got to go and do some work!!
Will has another two weeks off work, his operation is taking some getting over, he is feeling a little better though and I have a day off tomorrow as I worked on Saturday so I can have a rare day with him whilst Fin and Gabs are at school, am looking forward to that.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Feeling a bit under the weather and Fin is really busy!!

I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately! So when I looked on Mary Engelbreits latest blog it seems she has too! Except she really is not so well, she put some pictures of her art work on her blog to show how she feels and I thought they were perfect!!! I had a good and busy day at work today with some lovely happy and jolly customers and it just proved that "Laughter really is the best Medicine!"

This is just great Art work!

Fin and Gabs are so busy with school! Gabs got 10 out of 10 for her spellings again, Fin only got 18 out of 20, mind you they were hard!!! He has such a busy schedule, so busy that things are clashing!! He cannot do choir this week as he has a footy match for the school! Each day is so hectic for him and now he has come home today with a letter that he is going to Whitby next week to play in a tournament for school, footy of course!!, and I can't believe it but it clashes with choir again, his choir master is not going to be happy but Fin will not give up football for anything!!

So each night both Fin and Gabs sit down and tackle spellings,reading books and Maths, roll on half term they say, me too!!!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A little bit of work,Fin makes a wish and busy, busy at work!!!!

I have been trying to do a bit of work in between everything else! It is hard to get motivated with Will still off work, Fin and Gabs need to do all their homework and reading each night plus I have to finish my Crafts Beautiful project!!! I have however created these, new home is always a popular card and is always asked for! I used some great fabric from the bloom and grow range, I got it from Seamstar, a great online fabric shop!

I love to do my handbag card! A Gabsbag it is not! How we all love our bags!!

Just thought I would show you Fin blowing out his candles, he may be 10 now but you are never too old for a cake!!! I do not know what he wished for but he certainly had some good news today at school, when he was told he should go for a trial with a football team such as Hull or Leeds.
His school games teacher told him, so as you can imagine he is very pleased with himself!!! So are we!

Work is very busy at the moment, our two bosses are on their Jollys! Celebrating one turning fifty! I won't say which one!!! but I bet they are having a super time.
We have all this new fabric to drool over!!
Lots of Christmas stock is arriving so it is very exciting. A book delivery came today and amongst them was,

The Great Blogging For Bliss, a personal favourite of mine!

Anyone who loves buttons just has to have this!!

This is just an adorable book.

And this! Well I wonder if it will spur Fin and Gabs to get out their sewing kits!! I will have to see!!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Fin is 10!!!!

In honor of Fins birthday and no other reason am I putting an image of Wayne Rooneys shirt on my blog!! He is Fins hero and plays for his beloved team!! How I love that he does not understand what has been said about him in the media, he just sees a great football player, as indeed he is.
So Fin is now in double figures and has had a fab birthday! We had a lovely day! Fins day consisted of football, Macdonalds for lunch, spending some of his birthday pennies (on the new Manchester United Kit!!) and Pizza for tea! To finish the day off we ate lovely chocolate cake and watched the new Robin Hood! all in all a perfect day, I just wish I didn't feel so old!

Fin asked me to put the Manchester United badge on!!!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Fantastic finds for me from Angela and Fin is a Star!!!!

I just love this great card that Angela gave me and wanted to show it to you all! It has given me so many ideas for future projects all to do with buttons!!

This fabric is such a find!!! I love it!!! Angela found it for me on her recent trip to London and it is just what I am looking for to create a new vintage themed set of cards, she read my mind!!!!

Fin is doing so well at school! He got all his spellings right again this week and has been trying really hard at his other work and has been rewarded with a certificate from his teacher, he is so pleased with himself!!
Gabs also had her spelling test today and she also got them all right!! All this practice certainly does pay of!!!

Crafts Beautiful and some special orders at work!!

I just thought I would show you what popped through the postbox yesterday, the Christmas special edition of Crafts Beautiful!! and this is my project!, It seems like ages ago that I did that one, I have done three in total and will show you the others once the magazines are out.

I had some orders at work this week and this two of them.

The dress card is one that I do for a lot of people but the floral one is a bit out of my comfort zone as it is not my usual style but you have to adapt to what the customer wants!
At work this wek we have been sorting out a huge Chrismas delivery and whilst it is lovely to see all the nice red berry items come back in and give the shops a real Autumnal feel it makes me realise that Christmas is actually coming and that I do have a lot to do in the world of Fin and Gabs!!

Monday, 13 September 2010

A Lovely Day Out

I took Fin and Gabs to the Rotunda Museum and The Art Gallery here in Scarborough on Sunday, I decided that they needed a little bit of culture plus I wanted to see the exhibition by Judith Kerr! It was fantastic a lot of her early work was on show and her sketches are just remarkable. The gallery had set it up really well and Fin and Gabs had a lovely time playing dress up, reading the books and drawing, I had a good look around whilst they were doing this! There was also some work on show by Angela Knipe who works in Whitby with me, she had some great little pink felt bunnies on show, she does not yet have a photo of these so I thought I would show you another great design of hers, A Teapot Brooch! Have a look at her website

The Exhibition poster for Judith Kerr and her books, The Tiger Who Came To Tea and Mog the Forgetful Cat. We had fun reading these! Gabs loved the way it was set out with a giant Tiger having his tea!!

There was also another great exhibition on and that was the work a great artist called Lindsey Tyson called "Wearable Art" Take a look at Lindseys website too!
So all in all we had a lovely day and I came away inspired, It is just really nice to see what everyone is doing and even better that Fin and Gabs enjoy looking at things too, I must say that Will however is not so keen!!

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Plans for the weekend!!

We acquired the above unit from Wills niece, a.k.a "The Fab Auntie Gemma!" a while ago and we had all good intentions of painting it and putting new handles on it, this has not yet happened! I have decided I can no longer live with it like that, so am going to do it!

If I do the unit I also have to do the above table (acquired in the same way) except this time from Wills sister Julie! Needless to say we have not done anything with this either!! Well I am going to now!

I found the perfect colour!! A shop has just opened here in Scarborough which sells Farrow and Ball paint, so instead of having to order it, I just went and got some, it is so much easier when things are on your doorstep! If this shop had not opened I most probably would not have got round to getting the paint!!
I cannot wait to start and will show you the finished look once it is done.
A friend of ours has taken the plunge and opened his own business, and his open day was today, so Gabs and I had a nice morning there to wish him and his family well.His shop is a balloon shop called Celebrate and he has done a great job, he has asked me for some cards so I am going to do some Balloon based ones for him, that is another job for the weekend!! I think I need a longer weekend!!!
Until later, have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A Day Off in the week!!

I had a day off today! Normally work Monday to Friday but I worked on Saturday so had today off, had alovely morning catching up with friends for coffee and had a stroll with Will which was nice, we don't get a lot of time on our own! but then I used the rest of the day being creative and got some orders done. I did a larger version of my Vintage Hearts card too, added a bit of glitz in the way of Stickles gliter glue, I love it!!!

It soon got around to picking up from school time! Gabs came running out proudly showing off two stickers, one for reading and one from the head for being moved onto yellow books! she is very pleased with herself! Well done Gabs!
Fin came out with some unusual news, he had tried out for the choir!! most unexpected! will let you know if he gets in! I then looked in his bookbag to find a Rugby Trial form!! Talk about variety.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

My lovely Tea Cosy

Since Victoria gave me my lovely Tea Cosy it has ben a firm fixture on my tea pot! even Will likes to use it! My tea pot came with one of those thermal lined tea cosies already on it so it really is a cosy tea pot! Must be getting ready for winter!

Speaking of getting ready for winter, we woke to the pitter patter of rain this morning and a definate autumn chill in the air so I bundled Gabs up in coat and tights and what happened? It got hot!!! "I was sweating!" were her exact words! Who knows what the great British weather is going to do!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Vintage Cherry Find and a spot of work!!!

I had to show you my fab Cherry finds! I just had to have them!!

Seeing all the caravans on the road this bank Holiday inspired me to finally create a caravan card, I have been meaning to do it for ages but always end up doing something else, finally I have done it!!
I would love my own caravan to make my own, plonk it in my yard and work in it, that would be heaven, so I think I will put it on my increasing list of things I have to achieve before I am forty! time is running out!!!!

Tilda fabrica arrived at work last week and as an avid fan of theirs I was so happy and instantly bought some and created a Vintage Hearts set of cards, I just so love fabric!

The colours are so lovely and vintage looking!

I think I will use the fabrics on a lot of future work, even Christmas as the reds are perfect.

The weekends go so quick, this one especially as had to work Saturday as Angela who works in Whitby on a weekend is in London but I have a day off in the week and as Fin and Gabs are at school it will mean that Will and I have a day to ourselves, How rare those days are!!! This is only because Will is not allowed back to work after his op, he has to have six weeks off! and as school has started the weather is good so Will is happy!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Back to School!

Fin and Gabs went back to school today, Gabs was very excited, Fin was not!!! I must say I think the holidays ahve gone quite quickly and I do enjoy them, especially not having to rush to do the school run!
I thought I would show you some lovely images from Mary Engelbreit all on the theme of going back to school.

Gabs could not believe that she actually had to do some work today!!

Gabs words before she went to sleep tonight,
"Will it be a long night again tonight Mum?" She adores school so much she wants the night to go quicker!!
I would like the nights to slow down and then I could get more done! Oh to be young and just enjoy going to school and seeing your friends!! I do not know where the days, weeks, months go! Speaking of which another night nearly over!!!