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Monday, 27 February 2012

A charity shop find!!

I am never normally lucky enough to find anything in the charity shops! or normally I get beaten to it! yet on Friday as I was going to work, the charity shop opposite my shop was just putting out the most lovely high chair ever!! It was even green like my shop, so obviously meant to be mine!! and here is a photo of it, I just love it! It turns into a table and chairs too!

It has been a busy week as always for Fin and Gabs! I have such a paper trail of activities, trips, yellow day, book day and a parents evening on top! Some days Fin has to be at school early and finish late and on a different day Gabs has to be there early, they need their own calendars! I tell you they are so tired on an evening, Fin has been heading up to bed early, after doing minimum amount of homework I add! and I go up to tuck him in and he is snoring away! Glad to say we have a break from footy until the end of March as his team has played enough matches so we can have a few family Sundays to look forward to.
With Mothers Day coming up I have been making some new makes to try and get ahead, here are a selection,

I have been getting some fab new fabric for a few vintage style projects coming up,

They are all so lovely and just waiting to be made into something nice!
Have a lovely week all of you, hopefully with some sunshine.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow, Valentines and New Makes

Sunny Scarborough not so sunny and warm today but snowy and sunny! We awoke to a blanket of snow, lovely! so off we went on our ritual Sunday walk around the Marine Drive. It is really strange to walk around the bay, see the sand and the sea and be walking on thick snow! quite magical really, Fin and Gabs were in their element throwing snowballs all the way round!
Gabs has been off on her first school trip to York and stayed overnight, she had a wonderful time at the Jorvik Centre and at The Jorvik Dig! Gabs has also been moved up to the next level in books so is now on Gold, still not doing so good in Maths but the level she is at she gets help, I just tell her that you can't be good at everything and just do your best, that's all you can do! I too was never any good at maths and it took me three times to gain a grade c in my GCSE, I had to have it otherwise I would not have got into the University I wanted to! That though was many many moons ago!!
Fin meanwhile has been doing really well in Table Tennis and brought home the trophy of the week last week, there does not seem to have been any footy matches lately! and no weekend footy this weekend due to snow!! so a Sunday off! yay!
Valentines Day is coming up so have been busy making all sorts of things! for all you romantics out there! I will of course do a card for Will, we don't bother with pressies or anything like that though. Her is a few Valentine makes I have been doing,

I have made lots more but not photographed them yet! Will do some photo taking tomorrow! Red and white polka dots everywhere!

Wedding fever is well and truly about too! Have had lots of sample making for Brides, each Bride has wanted something different as well. It is all good fun!

January has also seen Magazine commissions coming in, some old favourites and also some new exciting ones too. It would seem lots of Babies are being born as well so I have had to step up a bit and be prepared for that! I have been making some new bits,

These have been a success as I personalise them with names so they make a great keepsake. I have cards to match but can't seem to find the image!
I also have another stockist confirmed now so that's exciting, when I have the stock made for them I will show you.
I now have quite a few hearts to cut out for a Wedding due next week and a project to write up ready to post so have a great week everyone.