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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Handmade Christmas

It would seem everyone is having a handmade Christmas this year, I am really enjoying making all my decs and thought I would show you these new ones,

It is such fun getting them all ready and I have a more than willing helper in Gabs!! Obviously I give Gabs her own to paint and decorate for her own little tree in her bedroom, she just loves to sit and paint and has made some lovely ones, though I do have to keep an eye on the amount of  my favourite stickles glitter she uses as she is rather partial to it!
A little news about Fin. He has a championship match in Table Tennis tomorrow, Well done Fin!! he is very glad as it is school time so he misses Literacy!! hmmm Fin, somehow I think you will have to catch up anyway! His footy weekends have been a bit of a disaster lately, they lost again this Sunday 4-0, Fin got injured on top of an already injured leg, but went back on anyway. i am going to have to put my foot down before long as he is not getting any better but won't give in!
Gabs doesn't really say much about school, except what she had for dinner and who she played with!
Speaking of school, time for reading books and spelling tests!
Have  a lovely week everyone.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Christmas Goodies from Bloggy friends!

I have had some lovely thing this week from people I have met through blogging. I am a real fan of Jenny Arnott and have ordered some of her lovely things for my shop, here are a few,

  All the above are by Jenny who handmakes all her work from her studio in Somerset,she has a lovely website, blog and also Etsy, Folksy and Not on the High Street shops. Her blog can be found here,
Another delivery I had this week was a batch of new Christmas cards by the lovely Julia Crossland, Julia paints fantastic pictures from her riverside studio in the Peak District near Sheffield and makes some into prints and cards. I had some cards last Christmas and also during this summer have sold her everyday cards, particularly seaside scenes as living in Scarborough they go very well, here is some of Julia's work, the first picture being her gorgeous new Christmas cards for this year, my latest delivery,

Julia has a terrific website  and a lovely blog which you can find here,

I am also hoping that Julia is going to do an exhibition of her paintings in the Summer of 2012 at

This is a local cafe on the same street as my shop, the two owners now also have a micro gallery which used to be my old shop! I help to run it and organise exhibitors, it is fun and something different, so it will be fab if Julia exhibits! if you click onto the above site you can connect to the link for the gallery.

It so great to have met these people through blogging, just shows that blogging really can be worth all the effort! I love to have these two ladies work in my shop it fits in along side my handmade items and takes a little bit of pressure off me to handmake everything in there, (which I can't!!) I spend my whole days making cards, notebooks, pictures and Christmas ornaments at the moment!, I have just done a vintage style friendship set today, here it is,

Fin and Gabs are just doing their homework so I am grabbing a few minutes to do this or it will be too late as usual!
They are back into school nicely and gearing up for all the winter term activities, loads of them!!! Fin is on all teams he can possibly be on and spends his whole weekend when not playing footy relaxing to prepare for the next week! Table Tennis match tomorrow and inter school footy matches.
Gabs started her recorder today so she is pleased about that, she is also desperate to learn Piano, has always loved it so I think I may have to sort that out for her, she is turning out to be quite theatrical and enjoys drama, not the dancing, singing side just the drama and she really is funny when she does little performances!
Funny how they are so different! Fin, like me, would be mortified to do any kind of Drama in front of anyone! Gabs however does follow her big brother and loves to play footy with him much to his annoyance!
Now off to test both Fin and Gabs on their spellings and listen to reading books before bed!
Have a great week everyone.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Just a quickie

Had to tell any of you that don't already know, Jenny Arnott is having a fab give away, these lovely buttons are just one of the great prizes, head on over to  and enter!

Wouldn't you just love to win!!!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloween, Vintage Fair, Dads Birthday and a Wedding Anniversary

It has been a busy few days here at Fin and Gabs!! What with Halloween, making for the Vintage Fair, My Dads Birthday and our Wedding Anniversary!
Firstly the Vintage Fair went really well, it was at a new venue and we had some new exhibitors join us. A good day was had by all, here are some pics,

 The above ones are some pics of my bits and pieces, the following are the other lovely peoples collection of things,

These pics were taken by Cheryl Ann, she has done a lovely post over at her blog,
in a lot more detail so if you have not seen Cheryl's blog try and take a look.

Then Halloween which is also my Dads birthday and our Wedding Anniversary, we managed to fit it all in though, went to see Dad, had a walk by the sea, went trick or treating with Gabs, (Fin not interested this year!!) and actually had a couple of hours for a drink with Will, thanks to a friend who didn't mind babysitting on Halloween! We have been married 14 years now, do not know where that time went!

I have been making a few new things as well,

Love this Fabric!!

This was  a commission I had, I made another one but just slightly different.

We all love a bit of red and white polka dot!
So all in all it has been quite busy, I now am just going to spend some time drawing some new designs for spring for a company and concentrate on Christmas at work only!! Plus Fin and Gabs are back at school today so it will be back to the homework and reading books and going to bed at a reasonable hour! I don't know bout you but I tend to let mine stay up a bit later in holiday time and then suffer for it when I try to get them to bed earlier for school! All my own fault of course.
Have a lovely week everyone.