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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

New Christmas Makes

I have been busy making new Christmas Makes. I have made lots of assorted Christmas Cards but have this year I have actually made a set of four hand drawn ones and had them printed so I can just hand finish and glitter them and this is the end result.

I am pretty pleased with them as I don't normally do the printed thing but have had to as I cannot keep drawing them! I have also been making some ornaments, here are some that are finished,

I just love Christmas! even though it does seem to get earlier and earlier every year!
It is half term here now and I am trying to be out and about with Fin and Gabs if I can, saying that Fins friends keep turning up, I forget he is 11 now and doesn't really want to be with me all the time anymore! I can't get used to that. Gabs is at Grandmas with her cousin Kianna for the night so they will be having a lovely time and no doubt up to mischief around the farm. Dad has just had three thousand piglets arrive so the girls will be loving that.
Gabs and I popped into Marks&Spencer today and I love their Christmas Shop, they have some great stuff this year and have bought some wrapping paper that I love, I could have bought quite a few items but restrained myself as I do limit myself to only one or two new things each year.
Have a great week everyone and if it is your half term hope it stays dry so we can all get out for a walk!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

The winner is....and Christmas Homespun & Vintage Fair

Jut a quick post to announce the winner of the Halloween giveaway, Gabs chose this time (again!!) and out the hat this time was Hannah@Bubble Bay. Well done Hannah! Hannah has a lovely blog
If you haven't seen it already, go take a look!
Your goodies will be on your way to you soon Hannah.
I have had a busy week this week with a mixture of Wedding work, Halloween and Christmas!! Plus getting ready for the Christmas Vintage Fair.

I cannot believe this has come around again! where has the time gone!! Look forward to seeing you there if you can make it!
Have a happy Sunday everyone.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Making Magazine and giveaway still open

A while back I mentioned that I had some work for a new magazine, well now that it's out I can tell you which one it was. I was asked by Making Magazine if I would like to do a photograph album project for the current issue, obviously I  said yes! and here is the result. It is a Scandi chic issue and it really is lovely with lots of fab things and inspiration.

I am extending the giveaway to win the set of three Halloween ornaments until Saturday and will announce the winner on Sunday 23 October (need to make some more and forgot to put a set aside!!) so tonight whilst watching Downton I am painting Ghosties, Pumpkins and Witches!!
Happy Sunday everyone.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Halloween Makes Giveaway

I love Halloween, love the feel of going out trick or treating in the cold air!! Hope it is cold and not warm else that won't feel right! I do however admit to getting sick of the doorbell going after 9.00pm and all the sweets have gone!
Another reson for loving Hallowen is, it is my wedding anniversary!! 14 years this year! Hmmm how do we do it! I so think Will working nights for the last seven years, me working days and only really seeing each other on a weekend has helped as we have loads to catch up on, anyway I am drifting off, Halloween makes, which one do you think has gone the best!!!

I am approaching a 100 followers, which has taken me forever!!!and to kind of give me a gee up I am going to have a Giveaway, the prize will be a set of the Halloween ornaments and a couple of surprises, all I ask is for you to blog about the giveaway, leave a comment and follow me if you don't already. The giveaway is open until next Sunday, 16th October and I will announce the winner on Monday 17th October.
Have a happy Downton Abbey Sunday evening, I love it!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Poor Fin!

Just had to share this! Fin was getting ready for school this morning, put his socks on and gave out a very loud scream! A wasp was in his sock and stung his foot repeatedly! We now know that Fin is not allergic to a Wasp sting! Lets hope his performance in this weekends footy is not affected!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My Angel in 3D

I just wanted to share something exciting with you. Any of you out there who have ever had any of my cards will know that I always draw my little angel on the back, well she is on everything that I make! I have had her made into a real ornament from wood and this is what she has turned out like! I love her!

I have sold her with the saying shown in the picture but also with names on and with Christmas Angel on. Obviously Gabs has the very first one in her bedroom!
Don't forget to join in "Whatever you want Wednesday over at,
It is a great blog if you have not seen it with fantastic vintage clip art.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Christmas and Sunshine !

It has been a funny old week, the lovely sunshine has been great but just did not feel right at all! The fair has just been here in Scarborough and normally you have to get all bundled up in boots and scarves and go out in the dark. Going to the fair in a t shirt and sandals! well it did not feel quite right and to be honest not as enjoyable really. Still Fin and Gabs had a great time as always, though I must say that £2.50 for Hook a Duck does seem a little steep!
It also feels a bit weird getting ready for Halloween and Christmas! glorious sunshine and people asking for Christmas Cards to be made seemed odd last week.  I have been making my old favourites for Christmas, I have added two new designs but forgot to take a pic! Will do that tomorrow!

I always love making Christmas Cards. I start doing a set theme but then just ad random ones that I feel like making that day!
I have made some Halloween goodies as well, forgot to take pics of them too! will do that tomorrow!

I have also been having to make lots of these!!

I am glad I decided to put them out early!

Fin won all his matches at his Whitby tournament and was pleased as punch with himself, though he was tired! He has been doing well in his Sunday league matches too and has won his games and has managed to score every week!
Fin had a lovely start to his birthday and we celebrated it on the Sunday so Will could be with us, (he works nights!) so we had a nice meal out and went down to the sea front for an ice cream afterwards. Monday came with Fin desperate to get up at 5.30am!! hmmm! made him wait till 7.00! was very pleased with his new Man Utd top and little pressies. I had planned a lovely birthday tea, Grandma and Grandad were coming and we had lovely cake! Poor Gabs had an asthma attack and Gabs and I spent Fins birthday night in hospital! Will didn't go to work obviously to stay with Fin, so they had a boy night and watched a film, we did however save the cake for when Gabs was better! Good old Fin, he didn't moan a bit!
Gabs is totally better now, back on steroids and all the medicines now.
I have a lot of blog catching up to do now and I do apologise for my lack of commenting but will get right onto it this week! Have a great week everyone.