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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Well it's been a while!! Where has the year gone? It is true what they say, "once you turn 40, life passes so much more quickly!!"
A lot has happened since then, Fin and Gabs are doing well and blimey are they growing up. Fin is at secondary school and whilst it took a bit of getting used to he is now in full swing and in every team going! primarily football of course! Homework has taken a lot of getting used to (for me too!) He looks ever so smart in his uniform but comes home every day quite dishevelled!
Gabs is in year 4 now and is on track to give Fin a run for his money on the footy stake!! Oh no I thought not footy! but what can I do, she is really very good! and at Benchball, Table Tennis, that comes from her Dad and not me!!! She is however also really good at drawing and has been making a lot of Christmas Cards and has her own special little box in the shop and has sold a few!! so good on her. Fin not amuse by that and gave me instructions to bring some supplies home so he can make some!! He always was very competitive. So life is really busy with the little ones, but I have missed this little blog and am making an early resolution to blog once a week!
On the making front, lots has been happening, shop is good and is all Christmassy and decorated up. I have been making so many things I don't really know what to show you so I will just post a few random pictures.
I am really pleased to say that I have made and designed the 2012 Christmas ornament for a great charity and it is available to buy on their website now. Go to and go to the shop section and it is under Christmas Accessories and is a set of two Hero Hearts.
Here are a few things I have made lately, I will be back soon!

Back soon! I have some serious blog reading to do!