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Sunday, 6 February 2011

A nice surprise and some new makes.

I received a nice surprise when the March issue of Crafts Beautiful came through my door this week! My  work is on the cover!! I did not expect that as I was on the cover of the December issue, I am so pleased!! There are some lovely projects in this issue, it is all nice and bright and cheery, just what we all need! Here is the project that was featured.

After having a chest infection this week I am only just feeling a bit better so I have been absent from Blogland this week! Am on the mend now and have a lot to catch up on! My giveaway closes today to so I will be drawing that tomorrow, thanks to everyone who has entered and placed the giveaway banner on their blogs.
We, here at Fin and Gabs went for a lovely Sunday morning stroll and have just had a relaxing afternoon. Fin is still sulking over Man Utd loosing yesterday! and Gabs I am afraid to say is a bit poorly with what I think may be from me!! Will be dosing her up for bed!! Gabs has Asthma so I always worry when she starts with a barking cough. I have made a few new things and thought I might show you some of them,

There are some more but I will save them for another time!! I will be doing another artist feature this week, this time I will be showing the great work of Tania Lambert, the creator of the Freckleface range, so watch out for that later on in the week as well as the winner of my Giveaway. Have a relaxing rest of your Sunday evening everyone.


  1. Congratulations on getting onto the front cover! You've been in a few magazines now, are you keeping a scrap book or something of all your features?!
    Love the new cards, especially the "My heart belongs to you" and house ones. So cute!
    Hope that Gabs doesn't get ill, fingers crossed it's gone by the morning! :) x

  2. congratulations for being on another front cover! your new cards are lovely too, especially the heart one! Hope you feel better soon (and Gabs too!) Jenny xxx

  3. oh WOW that is a Wonderful surprise! Congratulations my dear!!!

  4. I bow to you, your Royal Front Coverness.
    Well done. We'll be seeing you on the front of Hello soon...

    Think you need some more time in front of the tv with chocolate, just to make sure you are better and fully recovered. Ax

  5. What a adorable blog you have! Congratulations on getting the cover, that is really exciting! Marcia

  6. Congrats on front cover not supraised as your makes are love the doodle valentine card!

    Im glad i found you...i see you became a follower of my blog taffy crafty...i clicked on your pic..but couldn't find a link to your blog...but im here
    Thanks for popping by..sorry im late for your giveaway...would of loved to of had the chanace!!

    Hope your feeling better soon hun xx
    Hugs Clare@weekend crafter/taffy crafty

  7. The cards are just fabulous. Congratulations on being a cover girl.
    All the best,

  8. Congratulations a front cover, Wow I bet your thrilled I know I would be. Glad your feeling a bit better take care
    Pene x

  9. Congratulations on being on the cover of Crafts Beautiful. Your cards are beautiful, very stylish ... :0)

    Shirl xxx

  10. Congratulations! Glad you are on the mend now, there's a lot of it around at the moment!

  11. Wow, that is fantastic, well done! You should frame these covers and have a wall of fame :-) sorry to hear you have been under the weather and i hope your little one's cough goes away very soon. Fab makes by the way.

  12. Congrats on another cover! Well done, its lovely.
    Hope your all on the mend soon xxx