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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Fins' turn!!!

I have had permission from Fin to show this pic!!! All photos were carefully looked through before he let one on view to you all!!!
Fin had his footy presentation evening and wow!! he received a whopping three trophies, well done Fin!

They now hold pride of place in the Dining room on the fire place, not to be moved.

The pic only shows two trophies, I am not allowed to put any more on!! Hope everyone had a lovely bank holiday weekend, ours here in Yorkshire was very wet! then lo and behold what happens this morning when it's back to work! glorious sunshine! Never mind we trundled off to York, did the museums with Fin and Gabs, then managed a little look in town, snook into Cath Kidston but it was so busy we came out again, I did manage to look in my favourite shop, Paperchase and bought some lovely paper and bits for future projects, I was also pleased to find that the craft mount I use is still £9.00! it has gone up in price here at our local Art shop to £22.00 a tin. I found it on Amazon for around £9.00 as well so I just don't get it!! Needless to say I stocked up!
I am working on some new and exciting projects for some new magazine work, looking forward to showing you that when it comes out!
Have a great week everyone, and for those of you who have children off for half term like me, have a fab time and hope for sunshine!


  1. Congratulations Fin! Wow, 3 trophies is pretty amazing, you'll need to buy him a trophy case if he keeps going like this! Hope you have a great half term and looking forward to seeing what new magazine projects you're working on! :) x

  2. Well done to Fin - that is quite a trophy collection. Shall have to keep a listen out for your name in the England squad in a few years time :)

    Enjoy your half-term - Suffolk is going to be mainy sunny :)

  3. Well done Fin! Fancy winning such wonderful trophies already! Your trip to York involved some of the same shops as mine in the winter, Andrea! I love Paperchase too - and of course CK, but it's hard to choose and buy when it's crowded and you have accompanying family! Hope you enjoy the rest of half term.
    Helen x