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Wednesday, 18 January 2012


"Mum, you're not pregnant are you?"
Those are the words which Gabs asked me yesterday! innocently over a coffee whilst Fin was at Table Tennis!
"No Gab! why"
Was my reply,
"Oh well you'll just have to adopt one then, but I want a girl, and she has to be my age, so Fin can't play with her!
What can I really say to that!
Sibling rivalry at its best!


  1. SmallerBean frequently asks me if I am pregnant because she reckons my tummy is so big. Children are so charming...
    Hope your week is going well. Ax

    1. Hi Andrea,
      Just having a few minutes break with a coffee with a little blog reading thrown in, your blog has just made me laugh and reminded me of when I was 12 and asked the mum said no no way, then four years later a brother arrived then another two years another brother followed!

      Bless Gab's big brothers can be a pain, but when they're older they'll be best friends!

      Hope you're well my love

      Cheryl-ann xxxx

  2. So sweet! My youngest daughter (of 4) asked me frequently when I would have a baby again and promised that I wouldn't even have to take care of it because she would do everything! (She was 9) I just kept buying her new dolls instead. Four was more than enough, thank you! Now she is grown and I am pestering her! Isn't it ironic? xx