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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone, hope you have all had a lovely weekend so far.
Ours has been quiet but nice but has included lots of cleaning! Will has his cleaning head on well and truly and has gone through the house like a snowstorm! Fab I tell you, we did completely sort our room out together though! Which is now completely a bedroom and no longer any form of work space! not a thread, button or spray glue to be seen! Everything has now been moved to the shop and it feels like I have home back! it has took me long enough mind you.
Fin and Gabs are enjoying being off school and I LOVE not having the school run to do! I am having the next few days off, though have brought some sneaky work home, Will is back at work on Tues so he will never know! I have been absent from blogging a while, lots going on and cannot seem to find the time, but am going to try! I have a lot to catch up on as well with all your lovely blogs.
Been making lots of new things, not sure which ones to show you, I have had some work in Crafts Beautiful Magazine and it is lovely to be back working for them  now that I am on the mend, here is this months issue to show you,

If you want to look at more great work in Crafts Beautiful, click
It is such a shame the weather has turned for the holidays though quite typical really, here are my two enjoying the beach when it was warmer and a sneak peek from a Pheasant!

now it is rainy and freezing but at least no snow unlike some unlucky ones.
My Dad's sheep are lambing like fury at the moment and a lovely Bull Calf  was born this morning, no pics sorry, I forgot my camera, next time though.
Here are a few more makes,

 The paper used on these cards was a real find, though I had had it all along, Gabs was given a lovely old kidney shaped dressing table and this paper as used to line it, whilst cleaning it out a while back it suddenly struck me that I should use it and ever since the cards made with it have been selling really well, I was coming to an end of the paper when Kirsty, the lady whose the dresser was when she was little popped in the shop, noticed the makes made with the paper and said she was sure they had saved a roll!! blimey I thought the paper is about thirty years old! thank goodness some people never throw things away! I now have plenty!
Have a lovely rest of your Easter break everyone, I am going to do a little blog reading! Hope the sun comes out a little for us all.


  1. Gorgeous cards,fab that youre in such a lovely magazine,must pop down to your lovely shop soon I am sure I could find an excuse to visit your neck of the woods x
    XX Manda XX

  2. Glad you've had a nice Easter Andrea - having a clean house is one of my favourite things in the world, enjoy it before it gets messed up again :D Your CB project looks great and I love the paper you've used - what luck that they had kept an extra roll!! Enjoy your few days off, don't work too hard, Jenny xx

  3. I hope that you had a Lovely Easter and you are enjoying your days off. This time of year does bring out the cleaning bug in us, doesn't it? Your cards are sweet and your children on the beach look so happy! I hope you have better weather soon! I love your vintage paper 'find'. The story that goes iwth it is great! xx

  4. Glad to hear that you had a lovely easter and enjoying the time off with Fin and Gabs.
    The Crafts Beautiful article looks great, I hope you're keeping a record of all your published work!! :)
    The cards all look great, how lucky that you now have another roll of the vintage paper. Think how many gorgeous cards you can make now. :) x