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Monday, 9 September 2013

My word it has been a while! I have often thought about my little blog but then something gets in the way and it gets forgotten again, well not today!
Well where to start, Fin is now in year 8 at secondary school and Gabs in year 5 at primary, they are growing so fast!
The shop is going great and keeping me busy, lots and lots of drawing. The summer has been filled with Births, Weddings and Christenings along side the general things people need. In between all that it has been a lovely summer of being on the beach, walks in the park and just enjoying our little seaside town during a glorious summer. It was almost a shame for Fin and Gabs to go back to school! Almost!
I seemed to sell a lot of nautical based things.

I did a lot of special order commissions for Weddings,

I love doing this type of work as each one is different, a real pleasure to do.

We managed a couple of breaks away during the summer, a couple of city breaks where we could just wander around, be tourists seeing the sights and have a lovely family time.

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