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Wednesday, 27 April 2011


There is just no stopping Gabs! Back to school today and she has been moved up to turquoise books, I just had to share that with you all. I hope you have all had a lovely Easter and enjoyed the great weather. We have had a lovely time doing all sorts and enjoying the beach. Not done too badly on the chocolate score!!! Have not actually had an egg but have had several of Gabs' mini eggs!!!
I am so looking forward to the  Royal Wedding! All things Union Jack are flying out of my shop, Wedding fever sure is in the air!
Next door to my shop is a fab Balloon shop and the owner Steve cannot keep stock of enough bunting, Union Jack balloons and basically anything red white and blue!! He is so happy!!! I sold the last of my Union Jack paper chains today and cannot get anymore now, it's great that everyone is getting into the spirit. Fin and Gabs are not in the slightest bit interested!!! Come to think of it neither is Will! never mind I will enjoy it no matter what.
These are really popular at the moment in all sorts of colours, I wonder why!!!!

 I love this that Gabs did!

Have a happy evening everyone!


  1. Love Gabs' picture - very cute! Wow you did well with the lack of chocolate over Easter - wish I could say the same!! hehe. Am looking forward to watching the wedding too, though Karl is also not in the slightest bit interested either, so will be having a party by myself I think! xxx

  2. Hello there. Good to hear from you. So pleased your shop is doing well and I too am looking forward to Friday's shenanigans. A little street party type thing is planned for our road but there are a few miseries who don't want to be involved!!! Got the bunting. Got the Union flag tea towel. Got the trifle (well the ingredients) for A Good Day. Have fun. Ax

  3. Well done Gabs, it sounds like you are doing really well at school. Loving the Union Jack drawing too :-) Hope you enjoyed the wedding today.

  4. Congratulations to Gabs for doing so well at school! It's good to hear that your shop is doing so well, I'm not surprised that all the union jack things are selling so well¬ Hope you enjoyed watching the wedding and had a great weekend! :) x

  5. Well done Gabs! I hope you enjoyed watching the weeding? I did...... :0)

    Lou xxx