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Friday, 15 April 2011

Happy Birthday Gabs!!!

Gabs is seven today!!! Happy Birthday Gabs lovie, we have had a lovely day, so nice I thought I would do a blog.
Sorry I have been absent a while, a lot has been going on what with Wil having his op, lots of orders to do and I have had  a little health scare and did not feel like blogging at all, I am now ok, I need a little op but to cut a long story short, I have never felt happier and feel on top of the world again.

It is unbelievable to think that the Homespun and Vintage Fair is tomorrow! I feel as though I am not prepared as I should be but never the less I have made some one off pieces which I hope will be liked! I am looking forward to seeing all the other peoples work as well, there are some very talented people showing their work and it is so lovely to see.

Gabs is very excited at the thought of the next two days as tomorrow she is going out with Grandma to buy some new clothes!! Lucky Gabs!!! and on Sunday she is having a little tea party with her friends from school at our house, ten friends to be exact!!! We have a Minnie Mouse theme going on as Gabs adores Minnie Mouse and has a fab balloon, pictures will follow after the party.

I am quite excited about a few things going on, one of which is my work being approved to be in a local Gallery and I have my official meeting next week to decide which designs are going to be there.

As it is Easter coming up I have been making some chicken themed items, here are some of them,

I love chickens!! People seem to really want to have things with them on! I made what seemed like so many of the chicken cards in prep for the Fair tomorrow and I sold so many of them today that I don't have many left so will have to do a bit of making tonight!! First though I have to go and watch a bit of Alice in Wonderland with Gabs as she winds down from a hectic day!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, I will be blog catching up in the next week and am looking forward to reading what you have all been up to!!


  1. Sounds like you've had a busy old time lately, not least with all those chickens you've been cutting out! Love them, no wonder they are 'flying out' (no pun intended!) Happy birthday to Gabs too, hope she has a lovely birthday weekend, sure she will be spoilt rotten:)
    Jenny xx

  2. Wishing your Gabs a very happy birthday. Love those cards you've made the chickens are lovely, Lucey xx

  3. Happy Birthday to Gabs! I hope she has a wonderful time! Sorry to hear you've not been too well, but glad that things are better for you now. Your new makes are gorgeous - I think your style is lovely. Hope you have a really great weekend.
    Helen x

  4. Sorry to hear you've not been well but glad you are feeling much better now. I love the Easter cards, good luck for the gallery meeting next week xx

  5. Happy Birthday to Gabs, hope she has a wonderful weekend! Sorry to hear about the health scare, but glad to know that you're feeling so much better now. Love the cards, they are gorgeous, the little bunny is so sweet! Good luck with the meeting for the gallery next week and have a fab weekend! :) xx

  6. Happy birthday to the gorgeous Gabs, it sounds like she has a fab weekend lined up. Sorry to hear about all the stressful stuff going on with the op and with your health-scare. It is so tiring when your other half is out of action and you have to look after the kiddies whilst doing everything else and then to have a scare on top must have been very stressful. I am so so glad you are OK, make sure you take care of yourself an get some chill out time if you can. I love love love my chicken cards that you sent me , i really must blog about then and don't worry about the interview if you don't have time I can rave about your anyway if you like :-) Take care. Zoe xxx

  7. Well howdy stranger. Glad to hear you're back on top form. Many happies to Gabs, hope she shopped til she dropped.
    Love chucks. Love the cards.
    Hope the fair went well, 'speak' soon, Ax