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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Not again Gabs!!!

Just when you think, "Hey we have got through the half term OK, back to school tomorrow!" what does Gabs go and do? fall, not once but twice! As a treat Gabs had been invited out to play for the day with her friend Tilly and as usual falls over her own feet! She seemed OK but said her hand hurt a bit, so Calpol was given and off to bed we popped then in the morning, (first day back at School!) her hand is swollen and bruised! So off to A & E we went! It turned out to be just a sprain, so all is well that ends well. You have to get these things checked out just in case don't you?
I was just looking earlier at one of my favourite blogs/websites,
and what is on there, a great image of a Doctor!! It turns out that Mary has designed scrubs for Doctors!! How nice would that be here!

You can see the new designs on the website!

Now onto something different, I have been making some new bits and thought you might like to see them,

I saw this fabric and had to have it!!

and this one!!

and this one!!!! This is a new design where I make the book and then leave it blank so it can be personalised instantly with a name or a purpose, I have also used it on cards,

This next one is made using my first ever printed paper design, what do you think?

and not to forget Dads Day approaching, though Dad should have his own special book too!

Think I might get Fin and Gabs to give Will one of these!! (already half full with jobs that need doing of course!) I forgot to take a pic of a Fathers Day card! will do that next time. June is a busy time in our house, my brother hates it as he has our Mums birthday which is on the same day as Fathers Day this year!!! and then my birthday the day after, he hibernates for two days!!
Fin has already had a school sports match, Golf on the very first day back! his school didn't win but he really enjoyed it, tomorrow he has swimming and a footy match on Friday, then training and a match at the weekend!! Blimey Fin it tires me out just writing about it. There is no wonder he is so sooo hungry all the time, we just can;t seem to fill him, I'm sure this is quite normal for a ten year old.
Hope everyone has a great rest of the week doing lots of lovely things.


  1. I'm glad it was just a sprain and I will be praying for Gabs to make a quick recovery.

    I love Mary Engelbreit I have never looked at her site I will take a peek. I just love these creations of yours you use the most beautiful paper!

  2. Glad Gabs is on the mend! Your new notebooks are lovely, the dad one is great, as it's so hard to find nice useful gifts for men! Have a lovely rest of the week Andrea, sounds like you will be busy running Fin around to all his sporting fixtures! x

  3. Poor Gabs, I normally fall over my own feet. You have done a lovely job with note books and cards, WELL DONE they look fab.

    Lou xxx

  4. Hi Gorgeous. Your new header reads like 'Fun and Games' when you just glance at it- love it.
    And love the new notebooks too- pink and blue splodgy is my fave. Ax

  5. Love your notebooks & the fabrics are simply gorgeous, lovely colours

  6. Love the header! The notebooks look lovely, great choice in fabrics and your paper looks gorgeous. Poor Gabs, I used to be so clumsy when I was young too. Fin really does like to get involved in every sport doesn't he! :) x

  7. Poor Gabs. Hope he is feeling much better. Love your work, especially the jobs for dad notebook. Genius idea!

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