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Monday, 20 June 2011

A busy weekend and my giveaway winner

It has been a really busy time around here!
Firstly it was Fathers Day, we had a lovely visit to the farm to see my Dad and of course it was the perfect chance for Gabs to see the pigs and the lovely new pony Snowdrop. Will show some photos later on!
Happy Fathers Day to Dad and Will, it was a lovely day for them.

It was also my Mums birthday, which did overshadow Fathers Day a little!! Sorry Dad and Will!
Mum liked her pressies and had a nice relaxing day as we had all been out for a lovely meal on Saturday night to celebrate!

And today is my Birthday so we are well and truly Birthdayed out!!! Though we have not had cake for each occasion! Fin, Gabs and myself have however had some crisps and dip tonight! Some friends popped round for tea and we had some treats for tea! Will unfortunately could not get the night off from work so he has missed out. Saved him some Strawberries for breakfast though!

We drew the winner of my giveaway last night, thank you to everyone who entered and the winner is,
Helen Philipps of
Well done to you Helen! If you do not already know Helen's blog click on the above link and you will be in for a treat.
Have a great week everyone.


  1. What a lot of celebrations you had! Happy birthday!

  2. What a lot of celebrations in such a short time :)

    Happy birthday to you :)

  3. Happy birthday, hope you had a lovely time, Lucey x

  4. Happy Birthday Andrea, sounds like you had a lovely weekend!! Congratulations to Helen too! xxx

  5. Belated happy happy birthday. Well done Helen Phillips. Off to peek at her blog now. Have a good week, Ax

  6. Happy birthday to you !!!
    and well done to Helen :o)
    i have just recently found her blog and it is beautiful
    j x

  7. Happy birthday to you and your Mum, i hope you had a lovely relaxing day , you deserve it.

    Well done to Helen, she will love your creations! xxx

  8. Happy Birthday honey sounds like you had a lovely old knees up...hope you and the family are well.
    Lots of love
    Chez xxx

  9. Hello, we have been paired up for Kandi's Fabric Swap. I cant believe I am only just discovering your lovely blog! :o) Anywho, down to business! What kind of fabrics are you looking for/like/dislike, etc so I can get an idea of what to send you. Or, if you like it can be a complete surprise and I will go on instinct and ideas I get from reading your blog! Its up to you! :oD

    Really looking forward to getting to know you better, reading your blog and swapping!

    C x

    p.s. I am also following your blog now! :o)

  10. Hi Andrea, 1 surprise coming up! I have plenty of ideas for you! :o) I would love a surprise also. However, I am looking for some fabrics to finish off my Great Grandmothers quilt. I don’t know if you have seen that post on my blog. So I would like it to be a surprise, but something I can use to help me finish this massive project that I have taken on! :o)

    I will email you my address now.

    C x

    p.s. when do you want to post? Is 8th July long enough time? Or shall we say the Friday after - 15th? xx

  11. Me again... sorry to be a pin, but my computer wont let me email you if I click "Email" on your profile as I am not connected to the Outlook set-up on my PC. Would you be able to email me and then Ill email you back! :o)


    C x