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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Hi there!

Morning everyone! Just a real quick post before I go off on the school run! Fin and Gabs are loving their new classes, Fin is in his final year at Primary and gabs has gone up into the Juniors and is having a fab time. Fin has "A lot of work to do" a disgruntled quote from him! It is taking a bit of getting used to after six weeks of not having to rush I must say!
I have been working on some new things, mainly Christmas but I did do one order that I can now show you as the lady now has her card!

I really enjoyed doing this one! and the following one was one of many graduation orders I have done,

I have been doing a lot of line drawing lately and keep getting orders for cards with the drawing on too.
I am preparing for my first ever exhibition on a large scale at the moment, it is on Monday evening and I am a little nervous but excited too. I will post the photos after the open evening for you to see!
I also am doing a Wedding Fair this weekend too at a lovely old Church and the Archbishop of York is coming to the open evening on Friday, we are all going to that so it should be a lovely evening.
Fin and Gabs are promptly putting coats on so must go, Have a great day everyone and avoid the rain if you can!


  1. Wow you have been busy! And what exciting news about your exhibition, well done and good luck for it, hope it is a massive success for you (sure it will be)! Loving the line drawings too, they do make lovely cards. You should do some to frame too. Jenny x

  2. Hello There. Have fun at the fair, hope you sell lots. Your line drawings are lovely. And please can you tell mine to get their coats on...! Ax

  3. Oh those cards are sooo sweet how lovely to have your own shop with your name above even if it is only for fun, Lucey x

  4. oohh can't wait to see your exhibition, I hope it goes really well. Glad Fin and Gabs are enjoying school even it there is too much work :-) x