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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Happy Birthday Fin!!

I cannot believe that my little boy turns 11 tomorrow, where have those years gone! Fin is such a happy go lucky boy and a real pleasure to be around and with my hubby working nights Fin is really good company for me! In fact sometimes I tend to be a bit selfish and let him stay up to be with me!! I have made myself stop this as he does need his sleep!! Joking aside, Happy Birthday Fin!! Obviously his pressies are footy based with a new Man Utd kit out!! He is very happy as his footy season has started, so I am now back to having peaceful cleaning time on a Sunday!!

Both Fin and Gabs are well into school now and are doing lots of after school clubs! Fin is very happy and likes his teacher, though he does moan about all the work!! He is very excited as he has been officially picked for the school footy team and is going to play in a tournament next week so will be away for a night in Whitby, I am so glad he was picked, it would not have been a very happy house if he had not got in the team!!
Gabs likes school and loves seeing all her friends but I will have to tell you something she said,
"My teacher smiled today! but it wasn't at me!!" Bless her!
Have a good week everyone.


  1. All is well with the world when our children are happy eh! My oldest is called Fin too, he has just started a new school and unlike my middle boy he is a lot quieter so I spend a lot of my day thinking about him in school, but he seems to be settling well. Enjoy your birthday celebrations!

  2. Happy Birthday Fin, hope he has a great day! Your shop front is looking fab too Andrea - love the colour! xxx

  3. Happy Birthday to Fin! Being 11 and in Year 6 is a very special time, so I hope that the year ahead brings him lots of fun and happiness!
    (PS If our daughter had been a boy, we'd have had a Fin too (Finbar being my husband's favourite boy's name and one I like a lot too!)

  4. Happy Birthday to Fin, hope he had a fab day full of footy and cake :-) Sounds like school is going well which is great. x

  5. Happy Birthday to Fin! I hope he had a great day. Glad to hear how much he's enjoying school and football too! Have a great weekend, Andrea.
    Helen x

  6. A wee bit late Fin but better late than never. Happy Birthday. Hope you had a great time. Love from Kate and Bill.