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Thursday, 24 June 2010

New Book and lovely button jug

Sorry I have not blogged for a few days, have been busy enjoying all my Birthday treats! The cupcakes have been eaten and they were so lovely! I did save one for Jenny, it only seemed right as she bought them for me! The remaining ones were enjoyed by myself, Gabs(of course) Victoria and her daughter Cordelia, we had a lovely tea party, complete with a new T Cosy creation from Victoria, watch this space!! Fin did not get involved in this one he thought it far too girly!
I had to show you a picture of the fab jug i got for my birthday, also from Jenny, she knows me so well and my love of anything with buttons on!!

This is my latest addition, along with the fantastic Blogging for Bliss. I am quite fanatical about my workspace and this book is just perfect, i really love it.
Gabs and I have been practicing her promise for Rainbows, she is taking it on Friday and is so excited, so this is one day when i really hope that my train is not late as i work in the York shop on a Friday and would hate to miss it!! I hope Gabs remembers it, she should do!!

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