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Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Hi! This is my first post and i thought i would show you an image from Mary Engelbriets workspace, this is at a workshop that she did, how i wish mine looked like this!! I do try to kep it tidy but always fail in that quest as the creative process takes over!! I have had a day of work today and decided to use it wisely, firstly by having my daily intake of coffee and then checked in on a few blogs, had a good look at Happy loves Rosie and found some great artwork for my blog header, watch this space!!. I then had to tidy up said workspace so i can do some work!!


  1. Hmm, buttons in a bun tin, I like the look of that and might just pinch that idea for my workroom!

  2. Nice to see your blog up and running i wil have to keep having a read to see what you have been upto. Say hello to Gabs and Fin for me x