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Monday, 20 December 2010

A few pics

I hope everyone is keeping warm and snug in this very cold weather, it seems never ending!! We had a great day sledging on Sunday though, it did seem a little weird sledging along the sea front!!! Fin and Gabs were in their element, having such fun. Gabs however did not go down the big hills that Fin went down, though I am not surprised.
I have taken a few pics of inside my little shop for you to see, I have not taken a picture from outside as I had ice on my windows inside two days and also because at the moment it is painted black and red which are not my colours at all so I will show you the whole outlook once it is painted in my choice of colour! The outside is going to be the same colours as the little dresser inside.

I have had a lot of visitors and lots of great comments which is so lovely. I love having my own little shop more than I ever imagined! Gabs loves to help me though I need to ensure I have a never ending stream of paper as she is constantly drawing! She likes to put price tickets on the stock! (Fin likes to write them!) even Will seems to quite like it! I have two little helpers on a Thursday for me! My Mum and her trusty partner in crime Eileen! Mum and Eileen have been friends for years and years, in fact Eileen seems to have always been around! She is the proud grandma of newly born Lily Rose and also has another granddaughter Blossom from her daughter Sarah and her husband Craig. Sarah and I have been friends since forever obviously! They kindly offered to open for me each Thursday as I work in Whitby on Thursdays. Good old Mum and Eileen!!
Time is running out towards Christmas now!! I need to fit in present swaps somehow on my way to work!! I am sure I will manage it, somehow!!!
I am glad to say however that I have finished shopping, wey-hey!!! Wrapping is another story! Hope everyone else is well on their way to a lovely calm Christmas!


  1. Hi Andrea I came to your shop last Thursday but you were closed (typical of me to pick a day you were closed) but I had a peek through the window it all looks lovely I saw a card in the window which would look great in a frame I have, so I hope to be back soon
    Glad to hear you are loving your new venture and look forward to meeting you
    xx fee

  2. Andrea your shop looks lovley, full of gorgeous goodies! Looking forward to seeing the outside pics when it is painted, will look lovely if it does match that dresser! have a merry christmas! x

  3. oohh your shop looks like heaven, I love everything in it! Do you have an on-line version of it?

  4. Love your little shop, it looks gorgeous! Have a great Christmas! :) x

  5. Love love love it. Have a very happy Christmas and New Year, Ax

  6. Congrats on your shop, it looks lovely- just the type of shop I'd love. Sounds like your organised for christmas. I wish you and yours a wonderful christmas and an even better new year :)

    All things nice...

  7. Love your little shop and thanks for sharing the great pictures.


  8. do you think i could commute from north yorks west and work with you?????!!!the shop looks fab!!nb..i know Carolyn thru Clare from West Scrafton..

  9. hello!

    Your little shop is completely beautiful - it's one of those shops that I pop into and have to buy from because its full of such wonderful things - hope you and your family have had a nice Christmas (I had to escape the frivolities for a bit of blog browsing to keep me sane!!)

    Sending love
    Julia x x x

  10. oh, that green dresser has my name all over it - gorgeous it is!!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas, have a great 2011!
    BH x

  11. Your shop is a lovely place. I can feel the warmth. Kisses, Mª José
    Happy New Year!!!