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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

It's that time again!!!

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The January 2011 issue of Crafts Beautiful is now out, I know I could not believe it either, 2011!!!! I did the work featured in the magazine ages ago and it is always nice to see it as you do forget what you did!!! I do anyway, my memory is terrible. I thought I would just show you the images from the magazine.

All you fellow Mum bloggers out there must feel the same as me at the moment! frantically checking the calendar each day to make sure we have not forgotten anything! There is so much going on, parties, pantomimes, concerts and outings. It is lovely though, I have now seen both Fin and Gabs Christmas shows and they were great. It was especially lovely to see Fin in his choir uniform singing his little heart out, lovely memories never to be forgotten ( if only he behaved like a choir boy all the time!!) He and his sister are at each others throats at the moment, constantly arguing over really silly things, the Christmas excitement has taken over them I am sure! Still break up time on Friday and I will be glad (as I am sure the Teachers will be too!) they both need a rest ready for Christmas.
Once again I would like to thank everyone for my good luck wishes for opening my shop last week, it went well and I had a lot of visitors. I have taken some pics and will show them in the next couple of days. I have been trying to Christmas shop!!!! Am on the way with it all now, is everybody out there finished? I do hope some of you are like me, I will be still wrapping on Christmas Eve at this rate!!!


  1. Oh, I love little houses! In fact, I was cleaning out a closet yesterday and came across some I'd made up for a quilt I'd begun at some point. So I got them back out. When I get some time I may just work on them some more. Oh yes, I remember those mommy days well!

  2. Congratulations on being featured in the magazine, it looks great! I love your makes! Hope your shop is going well! :) x

  3. Hi Andrea,

    Just thought I would say a quick hello as I know you are following my blog - now following you too:) congrats also on your magazine feature, looks fabulous! Jenny xxx

  4. looks luuverly!!idle curiously do you know Carolyn who works (or worked at Bespoke aswell)..she lived up my way once upon a time?

  5. Well done on the magazine feature, it looks amazing!! And Im over the moon to hear your opening day went well!
    Lots to do here before the big day, but making time for scoops of R&R and intermissions of mince pies etc!! Hope you and your family have a great Christmas,

    Sending love
    Julia x x x