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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Shop opening!!!

It is now official!! Lease signed and products made ( well I will have a few late nights this week I would expect!!) I have been to my Mum and Dads and raided Mums furniture stash today!! so I now have some lovely pieces to display things on, I will be painting away each evening with gusto!!
For anyone local or localish who is reading, the address is 9 Hanover Road, Scarborough, YO11 1LS and I will be officially open for business on Friday 10th December 2010!!
I look forward to seeing anyone who can make it there, for those of you who can't, I will post before and after pics next week.
We have had  a good day weather wise here, it has been a little warmer at least, I am hoping it stays like this as I need to try and get over to Whitby in the car tomorrow with a lot of stock which has disappeared from the shelves of Bespoke Country in Whitby!!! Snow or no snow people need to Christmas shop!!! Me included!! I am a little nearer but not so near as I would like!!! I think I will have to do a little shopping at work!!!
Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. Oh how exciting and just in time for Christmas. Best you the best of luck :)Looking forward to seeing the photographs

    All things nice...

  2. ooh how exciting I'll see you on friday
    good luck
    xx fee

  3. Ha Christmas shopping - what's that all about, Jenny has now got me in a slight panic as she tells me she has 3 trees up, with lights on as well!!!! Not getting stressed at all (joke!). I know all will be under control with you: you are Superwoman. Vxxx

  4. Hope it all goes well for you, look forward to seeing the photos

  5. Look forward to seeing all the photos - and Good luck :)

  6. Hope it goes well! don't forget you need your sleep! jennyx

  7. How very exciting! Hope you have a smooth running week and a fab time on Friday!

  8. Good luck! It will be so exciting when you get your first customer in! Can't wait to see the photos, shame I don't live closer to actually visit myself! :) x

  9. Good luck! :0) I can’t wait to see the pictures....

    Lou xxx

  10. Oh wow! Scarborough is just up the road! Cool!

  11. Wishing you lots and lots of luck with your new shop. When the weather is a bit better I will make the trip to pay a visit!! xxxx