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Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Years Eve

I hope everyone had a truly lovely Christmas! I have just been trying to catch up on my Blog reading, have a lot more to catch up on yet! One thing I have realised is that next year I am really going to try and have a handmade Christmas! I have just read Genevieves blog over at Buttons Ribbons and Other Things and have been really inspired for next year! So just for her I have found the following image on Free Pretty things for you!

What a perfect image to inspire a Handmade Christmas!!!

Fin and Gabs have had a really lovely Christmas, with lots of pressies and sweets!! Fin is now officially surrounded by everything Manchester United!!! He is in his element.
Gabs has a new camera as this is really something she loves (and it saves her grabbing mine all the time!!) She is just naturally good at taking pics and I want to encourage her to do it, I may even show some of her pics sometime too!
This year has seen a really nice, quiet family Christmas for us and we have all really enjoyed it.
I hope everyone has a lovely New Years Eve whatever you are doing and lets see what 2011 brings us all!
Happy New Year Everyone!

Monday, 20 December 2010

A few pics

I hope everyone is keeping warm and snug in this very cold weather, it seems never ending!! We had a great day sledging on Sunday though, it did seem a little weird sledging along the sea front!!! Fin and Gabs were in their element, having such fun. Gabs however did not go down the big hills that Fin went down, though I am not surprised.
I have taken a few pics of inside my little shop for you to see, I have not taken a picture from outside as I had ice on my windows inside two days and also because at the moment it is painted black and red which are not my colours at all so I will show you the whole outlook once it is painted in my choice of colour! The outside is going to be the same colours as the little dresser inside.

I have had a lot of visitors and lots of great comments which is so lovely. I love having my own little shop more than I ever imagined! Gabs loves to help me though I need to ensure I have a never ending stream of paper as she is constantly drawing! She likes to put price tickets on the stock! (Fin likes to write them!) even Will seems to quite like it! I have two little helpers on a Thursday for me! My Mum and her trusty partner in crime Eileen! Mum and Eileen have been friends for years and years, in fact Eileen seems to have always been around! She is the proud grandma of newly born Lily Rose and also has another granddaughter Blossom from her daughter Sarah and her husband Craig. Sarah and I have been friends since forever obviously! They kindly offered to open for me each Thursday as I work in Whitby on Thursdays. Good old Mum and Eileen!!
Time is running out towards Christmas now!! I need to fit in present swaps somehow on my way to work!! I am sure I will manage it, somehow!!!
I am glad to say however that I have finished shopping, wey-hey!!! Wrapping is another story! Hope everyone else is well on their way to a lovely calm Christmas!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

It's that time again!!!

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The January 2011 issue of Crafts Beautiful is now out, I know I could not believe it either, 2011!!!! I did the work featured in the magazine ages ago and it is always nice to see it as you do forget what you did!!! I do anyway, my memory is terrible. I thought I would just show you the images from the magazine.

All you fellow Mum bloggers out there must feel the same as me at the moment! frantically checking the calendar each day to make sure we have not forgotten anything! There is so much going on, parties, pantomimes, concerts and outings. It is lovely though, I have now seen both Fin and Gabs Christmas shows and they were great. It was especially lovely to see Fin in his choir uniform singing his little heart out, lovely memories never to be forgotten ( if only he behaved like a choir boy all the time!!) He and his sister are at each others throats at the moment, constantly arguing over really silly things, the Christmas excitement has taken over them I am sure! Still break up time on Friday and I will be glad (as I am sure the Teachers will be too!) they both need a rest ready for Christmas.
Once again I would like to thank everyone for my good luck wishes for opening my shop last week, it went well and I had a lot of visitors. I have taken some pics and will show them in the next couple of days. I have been trying to Christmas shop!!!! Am on the way with it all now, is everybody out there finished? I do hope some of you are like me, I will be still wrapping on Christmas Eve at this rate!!!

Monday, 6 December 2010

Artist Feature

I wanted to show anyone out there who has not heard of Julia Crossland and her great work. Julia makes the most lovely cards and prints from her own artwork. Julia is inspired by the sea, lighthouses, Islands, boats and much much  more! You can find Julia on her website and also on her fantastic blog I am lucky to be stocking Julias lovely cards in my new shop and can't wait for people to see them. Following are some images of Julias work.

All the above images are copyright to Julia. I hope you enjoy Julias work and please go and take a look at her website and blog.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Shop opening!!!

It is now official!! Lease signed and products made ( well I will have a few late nights this week I would expect!!) I have been to my Mum and Dads and raided Mums furniture stash today!! so I now have some lovely pieces to display things on, I will be painting away each evening with gusto!!
For anyone local or localish who is reading, the address is 9 Hanover Road, Scarborough, YO11 1LS and I will be officially open for business on Friday 10th December 2010!!
I look forward to seeing anyone who can make it there, for those of you who can't, I will post before and after pics next week.
We have had  a good day weather wise here, it has been a little warmer at least, I am hoping it stays like this as I need to try and get over to Whitby in the car tomorrow with a lot of stock which has disappeared from the shelves of Bespoke Country in Whitby!!! Snow or no snow people need to Christmas shop!!! Me included!! I am a little nearer but not so near as I would like!!! I think I will have to do a little shopping at work!!!
Have a lovely weekend everyone.