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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Homespun and Vintage Fair

The date is set!! I am so looking forward to this event again, it was such a lovely day last year. So if you are in the area please come and see us all it will be lovely to see you.
I have been working away this week, trying to make for the above fair and keep my shop full plus doing a Crafts Beautiful project!! Am glad it is Saturday and I now have a couple of days off. Today has been glorious and sunny and I truly went to work today with a spring in my step, the sunshine has a knack of doing that!!
There seems to have been a run on babies being born and christenings this week!! So I created a card and made a few so I had them in stock to personalise as needed!

It worked as I do not have any left!!! I also found some lovely flower trim in  a gorgeous  vintage green and created the following card,

I have personalised a few of these into Mothers Day cards today, think my Mum might like this one!
Fin and Will are going to watch footy tomorrow, Sunderland v Liverpool, why I am not sure as Fin supports Man Utd and hates Liverpool!!! Still it means I have a day with Gabs, so off to the Farm we go!!! I will do some jobs with Grandma and Gabs can play with her cousin Kianna, I will however have to do a bit of housework first!!!! I am not going ant where near a pair of scissors tomorrow!! have promised Gabs!!!
Lucky for Fin, Sundays footy match was rescheduled for today so he did not miss out, though his team lost 2-1, never mind Fin!!!
Gabs started dancing at school this week, she loved it!! She was with all her little friends so that made it even better!
Hope you all have  a lovely sunny Sunday!


  1. Hullooo stranger. Good to hear you're all busy and happy. Have fun tomorrow, Ax

  2. Good to hear that Fin and Gabs are both keeping busy and well! The cards look lovely, hope you have a fun Sunday! :) x

  3. I'll write that date on my calender looks like a good fair.
    Love your cards may have to pop in to get a couple for mothers day
    xx fee

  4. oohh I wish that homespun fair was near here, it looks so lovely. Love your new cards, really lovely. Hope you had a fab weekend. xxx

  5. The Homespun Fair looks really lovely, and so do your new cards! I especially like the new green and lacy one - beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful week.
    Helen x

  6. Andrea - glad to hear that you are lovely and busy and especially that Little Miss Gabrielle has finally discovered dancing - wait until she finds out just how much fun she can have with a pair of tap shoes!!!!
    Victoria xxx

  7. The fair sounds brill, just wish I lived near enough to attend.
    kind regards,

  8. Thank you so much for posting my button on your blog you're so sweet! You have a gorgeous blog I thought I was a follower but apparently I wasn't, I am now though. I just love Doris Day and all of your images! The cards are gorgeous! I hope you have a wonderful evening!