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Sunday, 27 March 2011

A little Sunshine goes a long Way!!

It has been a lovely, lovely week and then it gets to Sunday and the Sun has gone!! Still it was so nice to have the sunshine this week even if it did make me realise I need to clean all my windows and do serious housework!
It is Fins last footy match of the season today!! Not that I am pleased or anything! the lie ins on a weekend will do him good on a weekend for a while! Gabs had a party to go to yesterday and she had a really good time, it was at the Sea Life Centre so it was a little bit different and in Gabs own words, "It was awesome!"

Fin and Gabs have enjoyed the sunshine too, it has been lovely being able to go to the park after school and wander down to the beach, a little sunshine really does go a long way.

I have been doing lots of making, especially for Mothers Day! I got the Crafts Beautiful project done and safely sent off! Wedding invitations on the way to being done, I have cut out the dreaded 350 mini triangles for the bunting! and have painted lots of slates, it's been a lovely week!

I have a busy card making day on Monday. I am doing Easter cards with Gabs class during the day and Mothers Day Cards with the Rainbow group in the evening so I am looking forward to something different!!
Well am now going to watch Fins footy match, have a lovely week everyone and I hope it's sunny for you all.


  1. your notebooks are SO gorgeous - love them!

    BH x

  2. Your notebooks are gorgeous Andrea, especially the red spotty one! Glad you got all your bunting triangles cut out, that must have been a mission! The sun is out here today, hurray, but unfortunately I have quite a few orders to sew, so will have to make do with an open window! Hope Fin's team win the match, have a lovely rest of your weekend xxx

  3. The notebooks are gorgeous! I've been busy writing in mine, as neatly as I can because the book is so pretty I don't want to ruin it! I hope the sun comes back to you, we had it this morning, but it's away now. Really makes me cheer up being out in the sun! Have fun making cards on Monday and hope Fin has fun at football! :) x

  4. oh yes indeedy, the sun has been shining here too - it makes everything seem fantastic when it shines doesn't it.