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Monday, 7 March 2011

Glad to be back!

Hi there everyone I have finally got my computer back! I have really rather missed it!! Firstly being out of touch with all you out there, secondly I had to write all my words out for my Crafts Beautiful projects on my Blackberry which was no fun at all! and thirdly I need to get my website up and going! Not to mention Fin and Gabs not being able to look at footy sites and Gabs' favourite, I Carly!!!!
Since I last blogged Fin and Gabs have been up to a lot, Fin played the top of the league team and they only lost 2-0 which was fab!!! He also had a chance to play midfield which is where his heart is! Gabs has been busy making all sorts of things with me (a good little apprentice in the making!!!) she made two lovely little cards without any help at all from me and I promised I would put them out for sale and a lovely lady bought them!!! They really were good and I stupidly didn't take a pic of them!!
Half term came and went in a flash, it was my first school holiday of working for myself and what a difference it made!!! Totally stress free and not having to rely on anyone was great! I managed to keep a happy medium between working in the shop and going out for a walk with Fin and Gabs to keep them happy!
One good thing for not having a computer was that I had a lot more time for other stuff and proved to myself that I do indeed spend too much time on this computer!! So I am going to be disciplined and not be on it all the time, I do however have a lot of blog catching up to do and lots of comments to leave which will take me a while!! I gave up looking at blogs on my phone it took far too long!!!
I have had lots of time to make all sorts so I will show you some bits and bobs.

Think that is enough for now! lots to show you in future posts! Now I really must go and catch up on some blog reading, have a great evening everyone


  1. I was wondering where you'd got to. Blinking computers.
    Have a good week. Ax

  2. Glad you're back, Andrea. Computers are great when they work but very annoying when they don't. Sorry, that's very obvious I know. Love your makes as usual!

  3. Must have been so frustrating not to have your computer working - I totally wouldn't know what to do without mine - how sad that so much nowadays depends on them and being online! Guess that's just the way the world is now, bet you are glad to be back! I love the little signs you've made, what are they made of? they're lovely:) have a good week catching up! xxx

  4. welcome back. Iknow what you mean about spending too much time on thecomputer I've been thinking the same.

  5. Hi Andrea It's great to see you back again! When the computer doen't work it certainly changes your life for a while doesn't it?! Work-wise and browsing-wise too! Glad you managed to cope, (well done on still submitting your work to CB!) and your new makes are lovely. Have a great week catching up!
    Helen x

  6. oohh yay you are back! I can do that interview wiht you soon then (if you don't mind of course). :-)

  7. Glad to see you back! You are quite right, productivity definately goes up when the computer is down!

  8. Congrats to Gabs on her first sale! She must be so pleased! Your makes all look great, but when there isn't a computer around to distract you it's amazing how much can get done! Glad everything is going well and it's good to see you back on your blog! :) x