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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Crafts Beautiful

Just a real quick post to show you my latest project in Crafts Beautiful and a quick update!

It seems like such a long time that I did these! I have been making more Seaside cards for Woodend Gallery today and they will be on their way into the Gallery tomorrow.
I haven't posted since June which is a bit bad! I do have good reason though, I have moved into a bigger shop in the last two weeks, it is still on the same road but opposite and has a lot more space to work so much to Will's relief I no longer have a work station at home and keep it all at work, much better all round except I now have no excuse to not do the ironing!! hence the late post tonight as I have just done three hours of it!

It is all go at School for Fin and Gabs at the minute! Concerts, sports days, school fairs not to mention reports and going to visit new classes for next year. Fin is pleased as he has the teacher he wanted! Though not so pleased that his sports day team came third!!
Gabs is going into the juniors so is very excited.

I will take some photos of the shop and post them this weekend, I don't think I ever posted a pic of the other one, I will now though as Will and Bill have made such a great job of painting it I will have to show their handiwork!
Have a great week everyone.


  1. Love the cards hun! :o)

    C x

  2. Congratulations on your latest magazine article - it looks great! I love how summery the cards are and of course the blue and red colours are just perfect! Looking forward to seeing pictures of the shop. Glad to hear that you are all well! Take care. :) x

  3. Cannot wait to visit new shop. Love the cards x

  4. Lovely cards, can't wait to see the pictures of your new shop :)
    Sue Xxx

  5. oh I can't wait to see your new shop, how exciting! Are you going to start selling on-line ? I am sure you would do so well. I haven't forgotten your clips, I am slowly stashing some away for you (including some cute cherry ones) and will e-mail you when I have enough to send over :-) Fab mag article - well done! xxx