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Monday, 25 July 2011

Fabric Swap Goodies and a treat for me and Hubby!

Sorry it's a bit late but I wanted to show you the great goodies I received from Callie over at Mu Mu and Squeaks place. Callie was my swap partner in Kandipandis Pad Fabric Swap and she sent me some real treats!

All wrapped up nice and bright and a lovely little vintage postcard too!

A lovely assortment of fat quarters, right up my street as well!

Plus a fantastic bundle of scraps

and to finish off with, some groovy bottle tops, the lovely postcard, a super little notebook and a gorgeous lavender heart.
Thank you so much Callie for all my goodies!
If you havn't seen Callies blog hop on over to have a look,

I have made use of the lovely floral fat quarter already and made this with it!

Hubby and I have had a rare treat this weekend, I took a bit of time off and we had a night on our own without Fin and Gabs! We have never been away anywhere and not taken them with us before and Fin is nearly eleven!!! We only went to York for the weekend but we had a great time mooching around, though we did find ourselves talking about Fin and Gabs all the time !! we missed them but enjoyed it at the same time!! I didn't take the camera so have not got any pics, I even didn't take a notebook, strict orders to have a proper weekend off from Will! I have it all stored in my head though!
Well the school holidays begin! A whole six weeks of no school run! I am so pleased, Gabs is going to be my helper this holidays! in between going out for walks and ice cream with Grandma and Auntie! Fin is just happy to be able to lie in and play footy all day!!! He has his friends lined up to meet!
Hope you all have a great week ahead and if you are going off on your summer hols, have a lovely time.


  1. We do that when we go away without the boys - either talk about them or find pressies to take back to them!!

    Lovely swap goodies :)

    Enjoy the summer hols - not sure what I like best - the lie-ins/no packups/no white shirts or all 3!

  2. Hope you have a fun few weeks all together - sounds like you have lots of things to do! Glad you had a lovely weekend away too - York is a beautiful place, I love The Shambles, and there is a fab button shop there too - Duttons for Buttons I think it's called - guess you would have found it?? :) Lovely swap goodies too, lucky thing xxx

  3. Lovelovelove no school run. And pj breakfasts. And staying up later. And dawdling. And getting SmallBean up to see hedgehogs in the garden at 9.30.
    Pleased you had fun in York, Ax

  4. Lovely swap goodies you received! Nice to hear you managed to have a lovely weekend just the two of you, York is a lovely city. Have lots of fun in the holidays! :) x

  5. Glad you like everything! :o)

    C x

  6. It's like being a kid in a sweet shop when you get new fabrics isn't it, you can't wait to run something up with them!! Lucey x

  7. Hi Andrea Glad you had a lovely weekend away - York is such a wonderful place to visit. Sounds like Fin and Gabs have got a great summer planned out! Have a lovely week.
    Helen x

  8. ohh it must have felt strange without the kiddies , we haven't been away without the kiddies since Imogen was born and it feel strange even when they are all at school but nice in a way to feel free. Have a fab school hols. x

  9. Lovely giveaway goodies, enjoy your summer holidays without the school run :)
    Sue Xxx