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Monday, 18 July 2011

I won a Giveaway!

I was really lucky to have won a great giveaway over at Alix's blog Used to Bees, it arrived today and I just had to show you, it's fab!

These lovely little packages all wrapped up in Lilac tissue,

My favourite thing in the whole world! A beautiful covered Notebook and it has great images of Scarborough on, this is going to be my New Ideas Book!

A lovely book this time covered with a vintage cloth, too nice to use!

A gorgeous felted brooch, Gabs tried to claim this as soon as she saw it!!

A brilliant Union Jack pin cushion with a beautiful pin attached,

This lovely, lovely bag which came home with me tonight, full with my work for tonight! It is different on both sides and is just perfect.

This is great, it is lovely to look at and I could never cut it up but will get lots of inspiration from it.
Thank you to Alix, I love all my goodies they are perfect. If you haven't seen Alixs' blog go over and have a look, it is a lovely blog and I have been a follower for a long time, you will find her at
You will love it!

Well, it sure is busy this week! All sorts going on at school, I actually have to check the letters each night so I don't forget anything! It is tricky as Fin and Gabs go to the same school but one is in the infants and one is in the juniors and they are actually classed as different schools! I have actually had to apply for Gabs to go to the Juniors! it is only across the playground! It will be better after the summer as both will be in the Juniors.
Gabs had her end of term concert today and she was an acrobat in a circus, it was lovely to watch, the children had great fun.

Fin is chuffed as reading books have been returned, all Library books taken back and no more spellings!!! That says it all, think he is ready to break up and have a few lie ins. I must admit it will be good to not have the school run for a while! Especially as it has done nothing but rain lately.

I have promised Fin and Gabs that there pressies for their teachers will be finished tonight so I had better go finish them off!

Have a really good week everyone and I hope you have better weather than we are having here in not so Sunny Scarborough!


  1. You lucky thing, they are great treasures. But I am much more interested in the little sneak peek at the top of the page- I need to see more. Now.
    Weather here wetwetwet too. And mad. Birthdays, family get-togethers and end of term shenanigans all vying for attention. Enjoy the next few days, Ax

  2. Lucky lady! :o) You have some gorgeous bits there! Love the brooch! I won a giveaway the other day from Hookin' With LaaLaa! Hopefully should get it tomorrow! Posted your fabric parcel yesterday - sorry for delay. Had a nightmare few days! Hope you like! :o)

    C x

    p.s. have you seen my post about what you sent me? x

  3. Wow what lovely gifts, the union jacket cushion with the brooch is GORGEOUS I'm so envious. Well done
    Have a great day
    Pene x

  4. Gorgeous treasures! I know what you mean about the end of school term, manic isn't it. x

  5. Glad you liked it all, especially the Scarborough notebook which was the question mark on the original announcement! I'd made a Spain related one for my daughter's tutor (who is a Spanish teacher) for end-of-year and thought it would be nice with images related to whatever place the winner recommended for our holiday. Hope the end of the school year goes well for your two!

  6. hi, I just blog-hopped over from Alix's.
    What a fabulous lot of goodies she sent you.

    All a bit manic at the end of term isn't it.....teacher's gifts, thank you cards, parties etc etc.
    ps I too have a Finlay, lovely boy!

  7. That's a lovely giveaway - I especailly love the pincushion.

  8. Oooh lucky you, there are some lovely bits and bobs, really lovely prizes. Yes the weathers been pretty rubbish here too lately - looking forward to some holiday sun next week (hopefully!!) Hope you have a great start to the summer hols,the sneak peak of your shop window looks fab - can't wait to see more! xxx