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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Handmade Christmas

It would seem everyone is having a handmade Christmas this year, I am really enjoying making all my decs and thought I would show you these new ones,

It is such fun getting them all ready and I have a more than willing helper in Gabs!! Obviously I give Gabs her own to paint and decorate for her own little tree in her bedroom, she just loves to sit and paint and has made some lovely ones, though I do have to keep an eye on the amount of  my favourite stickles glitter she uses as she is rather partial to it!
A little news about Fin. He has a championship match in Table Tennis tomorrow, Well done Fin!! he is very glad as it is school time so he misses Literacy!! hmmm Fin, somehow I think you will have to catch up anyway! His footy weekends have been a bit of a disaster lately, they lost again this Sunday 4-0, Fin got injured on top of an already injured leg, but went back on anyway. i am going to have to put my foot down before long as he is not getting any better but won't give in!
Gabs doesn't really say much about school, except what she had for dinner and who she played with!
Speaking of school, time for reading books and spelling tests!
Have  a lovely week everyone.


  1. These are lovely! The bird is gorgeous :)


  2. Cute decorations Andrea, the red and white is so festive! Am definitely up for a handmade xmas too, though not sure I will actually get around to making much for myself, we'll see! Well done to Fin with his table tennis too - hope his leg gets better soon though! xxx

  3. Lovely new decorations, Andrea! The stocking and the bird are my very favourites but I like them all. Btw, I saw you in Making magazine and loved your project there!! Have a good week.
    Helen x

  4. Cute decorations - I like the robin best!

  5. What a sweet blog you have...see you are a Mary Engelbreit fan...Love love love her. Your decorations are adorable. Off to peek about some more.

  6. Hello Andrea,

    Cute've put me to shame, I've not made any as yet.

    Thank you for your lovely comment! :-)

    Lou xxx

  7. Lovely decorations! Hope you and the family have a fantastic Christmas! :) x