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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloween, Vintage Fair, Dads Birthday and a Wedding Anniversary

It has been a busy few days here at Fin and Gabs!! What with Halloween, making for the Vintage Fair, My Dads Birthday and our Wedding Anniversary!
Firstly the Vintage Fair went really well, it was at a new venue and we had some new exhibitors join us. A good day was had by all, here are some pics,

 The above ones are some pics of my bits and pieces, the following are the other lovely peoples collection of things,

These pics were taken by Cheryl Ann, she has done a lovely post over at her blog,
in a lot more detail so if you have not seen Cheryl's blog try and take a look.

Then Halloween which is also my Dads birthday and our Wedding Anniversary, we managed to fit it all in though, went to see Dad, had a walk by the sea, went trick or treating with Gabs, (Fin not interested this year!!) and actually had a couple of hours for a drink with Will, thanks to a friend who didn't mind babysitting on Halloween! We have been married 14 years now, do not know where that time went!

I have been making a few new things as well,

Love this Fabric!!

This was  a commission I had, I made another one but just slightly different.

We all love a bit of red and white polka dot!
So all in all it has been quite busy, I now am just going to spend some time drawing some new designs for spring for a company and concentrate on Christmas at work only!! Plus Fin and Gabs are back at school today so it will be back to the homework and reading books and going to bed at a reasonable hour! I don't know bout you but I tend to let mine stay up a bit later in holiday time and then suffer for it when I try to get them to bed earlier for school! All my own fault of course.
Have a lovely week everyone.


  1. What a busy weekend you had, the fair looks amazing, as does your new work :)
    Sue Xxx

  2. What a lot of celebrations you've been having! The fair looked lovely, so filled with wonderful crafts. Your new makes look are such a busy bee, Andrea! Have a lovely week.
    Helen x

  3. Hello, Andrea! Want to tell you that you have a lovely blog :o) I like your pictures, the fair looked nice and I like your shop and cards too.
    Hugs from Russia
    P.S. I`m already your follower =)