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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Just a quickie

Had to tell any of you that don't already know, Jenny Arnott is having a fab give away, these lovely buttons are just one of the great prizes, head on over to  and enter!

Wouldn't you just love to win!!!


  1. Thanks Andrea! Don't know if you saw my tweet earlier but my email's been down all evening... was able to see your email and even wrote a long reply but just couldn't send it.... Saved it though so will try and send in the morning... Gist of it though was 'Bloody Royal Mail!!!!!!!!!!' :(

  2. Hi Andrea,

    Just sent email to your shop address, hopefully you will get it ok? My other email's still down :( Anyway, parcel's been found safe and well which is the main thing! x

  3. Lovely buttons! Hope you and the family are well, just getting back into blogging again! :) x

  4. Aren't they cute?! They're sure to be a good seller at this time of year!
    Jess xx