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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

To all you bloggers out there!!!

Just to say to you all, Keep warm!!!! Have a good day everyone out there!!!
For everyone in the warm weather, you lucky things!!!!!


  1. Hope you have a wonderful day and stay warm, we are in Spring so the weather is lovely this week not too hot.x

  2. Just defrosting my feet with a glass of mulled wine! (drinking not soaking feet in it! ha ha) jennyx

  3. Hi Andrea, I can barely type this - my fingers are so cold! Must dig out the fingerless mitts.

    Andrea, I've just tried emailing you but we had a virus in the computer recently and I can't get to grips with downloading new stuff, so couldn't email you in the end. Anyway, the point is, I won one of your giveaways but haven't received it in the post. I sent you an email with my address on just before we had the virus. Dunno if you received it.

    Sorry this is a little garbled! The cold is obviously affecting my ability to form coherent sentences!

  4. To you too...It's only 9am and I already have the log fire roaring!! xx

  5. You too! I’m sat in bed now all snug and warm.

    Lou xxx