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Sunday, 9 January 2011

All the fours!!!

We have had a lovely weekend here at Fin and Gabs HQ! The weather has been great so we got to go for a lovely walk, Gabs had a fab Birthday party to go to, her friend Tillly is now seven, Happy Birthday Tilly! Gabs had a great time she made a lovely bracelet and necklace and had her nails painted. She came away with a fab party bag and a super tiara! Great fun was had by all the girls! Will celebrated his birthday too! hence the title "All the fours" so he and Fin, Uncle Steve and Tim went to watch the footy, we then topped it off with a lovely meal out, a real treat for us! I managed to avoid the chocolate too and had a pavlova instead! Day 9 and I have not had chocolate! (not that I am counting or anything!!)

On a creating note, I have had a busy week making all sorts, I am busy doing my project (in good time) for Crafts Beautiful and designing some papers too for future issues which I am very excited about. I have made some new cards and notebooks too.

I have also been doing some made to order pictures, I call them my Ditsy Doodles, here is one I did for a little girl.

I love creating new things and it has been so lovely to see the sun this weekend, so lovely that even the pile of ironing does not seem so bad!! I am going to tackle that lot later!! Gabs has been off school all week due to the boiler being broken! thank goodness it is now fixed and gabs is back to school tomorrow!! Yey!! She was so upset not to be going back to school to see all her friends! Fin was not at all chuffed that his sister has had another week off school as you can imagine!!! Talking of Fin, he managed to not get a cancellation for his op over Christmas, woo hoo!! He has had a date though and is having it done on 25th Jan, so he is actually pleased as he will have time off school!!! I am sure when it comes around he would rather go to school!!! Well that pile of ironing is not going anywhere, in fact it is staring at me ! so I better go do it!!!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend everybody.


  1. Fab creations the Ditsy Doodles at the end ..might be nice stitched ..a la Doodle Stitching by Aimee Ray(great book)
    I take it you've not got the roads that look like Gloss paint and twice as slippy..its a nightmare this side of the county..good reason to stay in and finish projects..and muse over new ones!
    Cheers have a good week!

  2. No Chocolate??? Are you quite mad? Can't even survive 9 hours without it... Ax

  3. Fab makes and can't wait to see what you have created for the magazine. No chocy, bonkers is the only word to describe that :-)

    Hope the hip op goes ok, I bet you can't wait to get that out of the way.

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments the other day. I wasn't able to respond yet as I had a little blog break while my kids had their school holidays. Love to scroll around over here! Love your books and your doodle!
    Have a great week!

  5. Hi Andrea! So glad you stopped by so I could find your blog and follow along with it. Loving all your creations. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  6. That sketchbook is adorable and I, too, love the doodle picture!

  7. Great creations Andrea! Love your header too.

  8. Sounds like a wonderful time for your sweet little girl!!!
    And you have been very busy with your creations, they look wonderful.

    Have a bright and sunshine filled week my friend. xxx

  9. oh your creations are adorable!! such beautiful craftsmanship.

    many thanks to you for your comment on my blog, so glad you stopped by enabling me to see your beautiful place here.

    warmest wishes xxx


  10. I really love your paper craft creations! And the new pink spotty background on your blog today too! Have a lovely week. Helen x

  11. You certainly have been busy with some gorgeous makes.

    Victoria xx

  12. i love that sketch book - i have that fabric x