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Monday, 17 January 2011

One Happy Gabs! and a few new makes.

Gabs has gone to a new Rainbow group, I am telling you this as she is now so happy it is untrue as at this group she is actually played with and involved with the other girls, I would never have realised that Gabs was getting ignored by the other girls at her old group if I had not helped at the Christmas Party, no word of a lie she ran in to the party all excited as you would be for a Christmas Party and the girls ran the other way, this was the same the whole evening, not one of them made any attempt to play with her at all, whilst I was upset for Gabs I was also very proud of her as she had not moaned or told tales about this, she simply loved going to Rainbows. What a real trooper you are Gabs!!! So I made it my plan to get Gabs into another group where some of her school friends are, a longer walk and not at our local church I add! but what a difference!
Fin had me do his dirty work today! He wanted to quit the school choir because, yes you guessed, it conflicted with sport!!! This as well as the never ending conversation all the way to school this morning about new trainers and footy boots, he described at least ten pairs in great detail what he would like, i didn't have the heart to tell him that he really will have to wait!!! I just let him talk right to the school gate!! When did he become so particular I ask you, he is ten!!!
I have been doing a few makes, and think can say these go towards my monthly make 2011,

I have to admit to something today also, I broke the no chocolate resolution, I got to day 17 and shared a Kit Kat with Jenny at work!!! Does it count or shall I put it down to a minor blip!! After all I hardly ate last week and now that I am on the mend I needed it!! Well I can fool myself!! Won't have any more though!


  1. How wonderful that Gabs loves her new rainbow group and sports over choir for Fin just has to be!!!

    I love you new creations as always they look delightful my friend.
    Have a glorious new week and I don't think that little chocolate real counts. xxxx

  2. Hi Andrea,

    your works are the cutest! Such sweet soft colors and these darling images, love it!
    I threw 3 Andrea notes in the big giveaway hat, fingers crossed for YOU.
    Have a happy happy day! xx

  3. Hope Gabs enjoys her new Rainbows! I went to Rainbow, brownies, guides and then became a leader for brownies (not at the moment though as I'm too busy at work) and loved it all!
    Lovely new makes and I also don't think a tiny bit of chocolate really counts! :) x

  4. Sharing a kitkat? That doesn't count AT ALL. Having a whole packet might though... Ax

  5. So glad you little one is happier at her new group, I think sometimes these things are more heartbreaking for us Mums than the kiddies :-( I have a 10 year old too, goodness the hormones are kicking in with him I think :-s

    Fab makes, really pretty. oh and the kitkat, it was broken so it doesn't count ;-)

  6. Good to hear that Gab's is now happier with her new group. It's heartbreaking sometimes raising children. Your makes are gorgeous and the kitkat really does not count, look at it this way you saved your friend from eating all on her own xx

  7. Just a thought, maybe she could return the favour and save you from eating a kitkat on your own.

    This could become a weekly thing :0) x

  8. just blame'll be absolved..after all she's boss lady!!!! she's paid to take the blame(and buy the choc!)...:o)

  9. your blog is such a lovely happy place :o)

    i love your beautiful images ♥