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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Button Love!

I just thought I would show you the current Crafts Beautiful magazine which features my Valentine project, seems like such a long time ago that I did that!! I always love to see the projects as I do forget what I have done!!

I just love the Button Punch that I have used in the project, I use it a lot that's for sure!! I spoke too soon the other day when I said I had managed to escape the dreaded cold! I am now dosed up with all sorts!! Going to work tomorrow, so early night and plenty of sleep and hopefully feel a bit better !! I am determined to fight it, Fin and Will have both been poorly so I suppose was only a mater of time!! Just Gabs now!!!
Fin is very pleased with himself as he played footy for school yesterday, they came first and Fin scored three goals!! Well done Fin!! Gabs has a little friend for tea, was organised already and though I don't feel like doing much with them it doesn't really matter as they are playing dress up, colouring, making and all sorts!! so are quite happy! I will have a  fridge full of pictures galore!


  1. Oh how great to see your work in print :)

    Brilliant ideas - you've inspired me now with a swap I'm doing ;)

  2. oohh that button card is fab - congrats on the mag article! I must get some cutters and make things with card or paper, it looks fun. Hope you feel better soon and you don't find work too tiring , it is amazing how cold zap your energy.

    You may like to try this button card I blogged about last year, it is really effective and fun :-)

  3. Congratulations to you!
    You should be very pleased...I haven't yet taken the plunge to even submit anything anywhere!

    Welcome to Creative Carmelina...hope you visit often, and find inspiration each time you come!

    Ciao Bella!
    Creative Carmelina

  4. Congrats on your project, i was having a good read through yesterday:) did you spy my little love heart badges too (p.51)? :) hope you feel better soon, jenny xx

  5. Congratulations on having your work published and your projects look wonderful, I love the buttons.

    Have a warm day filled with happiness. xxx

  6. I love the button hearts. Simple and gorgeous. Lovely work Andrea.

  7. Well done to you and Fin! I hope you’re feeling a bit better now.

    Lou xxx

  8. Yea! Fin! Love those buttons.

  9. Hi yes the header is really lovely , clever old you!! and well done with Crafts Beautiful jennyx