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Thursday, 27 January 2011

A Great blog to tell you about and some new things.

Update on Fin first, he is resting up nicely and on the mend, totally loving having the rest of the week off school!!! Back next week though! No games for another week mind you, and no footy allowed!! He is not pleased about that but he just has to put up with it!!!
I have a great blog to tell you about for those of you who have not already seen it. Pop over to see ,
Helen is a Crafts Beautiful Designer and has had books of her work published, the current one being

I think it looks lovely and a real must have!! Here are some pics of some things Helen has made but you can see more on her blog.

Those little mini scissors look fantastic!

A lovely little packet of things was waiting for me when I arrived home from work today. A talented lady called Jenny Arnott, again anyone who has not heard of her you can pop over to her blog,
Here you will see a fantastic range of makes and be able to link to Jenny's website,
Jenny is based in Somerset and creates beautiful embroidered textiles and accessories, consisting of cushions, bags, magnets, lavender bags, badges and compact mirrors, all made by hand with a combination of machine embroidery and applique so each item will be slightly different. I am lucky to be stocking these items in my shop and they arrived today, I just thought I would show you some of them!

Well, I will have to go and give Fin his meds and get him off to bed! (He thinks that just because he is off school he can stay up! - not likely!!!) Have a nice evening everyone and enjoy your weekend .


  1. I have Helen's book! I haven't made anything out of it! It's lovely too look through.

  2. Ha Andrea! I don't think that is Helen's blog!

  3. Glad Fin is on the mend! Shame that he can't play footy though. I've seen that book, but don't have it yet, love all the pics, off to look at the blogs now! :) x

  4. Has Fin had lots of ice cream and dvd's? Hope so. And I hope you have had a restorative glass of wine or two...
    Wish I could sew. Ax

  5. Glad they arrived safe and sound Andrea:) thanks for the pictures and links to my blog and website, much appreciated! Glad to hear that Finn is on the mend too:) have a lovely weekend, jenny xxx

  6. oh I am so happy your little boy is getting better mine has decided he has a sore throat so is off school as well although well enough to go on game consoles .
    Those things look really pretty I will go and have a look now
    xx fee

  7. The book looks glorious - might have to add that to my wish list! Glad Finn is on the mend.

  8. Hello Andrea! Thank you so much for showing my book and blog on your lovely blog! And thank you for your kind words too. I'm so glad that Fin is on the mend. Have a wonderful weekend. Helen x

  9. Glad to hear that Fin is on the mend ~ I'm off to explore those gorgeous looking blogs x

  10. Glad to hear fin is getting better and enjoying his chill out time :-) I love those sites and have ordered that book but it is on a waiting list - great for Helen as it must be popular :-)

  11. Good to know Fin is on the mend! I got that lovely book for Christmas (I pointed my daughter and husband very firmly in its direction!) and am looking forward to making things from it - thanks for mentioning her blog which I didn't know about!

  12. Hi Andrea, very pleased to hear that Fin is feeling better. Ooh, that is one book that is on my list of things to buy at the moment... it looks fabulous and I love Helen's blog. I agree, Jenny makes some really beautiful things, that's wonderful that you are stocking them in your shop! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Sarah x