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Friday, 7 October 2011

Poor Fin!

Just had to share this! Fin was getting ready for school this morning, put his socks on and gave out a very loud scream! A wasp was in his sock and stung his foot repeatedly! We now know that Fin is not allergic to a Wasp sting! Lets hope his performance in this weekends footy is not affected!


  1. Ouch ouch ouch

    Hope its not to painful for him over the weekend. I been on the wrong end of a wasp before (stood on one) and remember how painful it was :(

  2. Ouch, poor poor Fin. My daughter was stung on the head recently. Bloody wasps!

  3. They are such gits. Hope it hasn't spoilt his weekend, Ax

  4. Those wasps are nasty things! They are constantly trying to get in the bee hive and kill them. Poor fin, I hope his foot doesn't swell up, antihistamines (or however you spell it) worked well for me with the bee sting. x

  5. aww hope he's ok poor thing those wasps are evil!
    I remember when I was little and we had a chalet in the summer hols on the sea front I had my swim suit on naturally, and I sat on a bee which was having a rest on the old wicker chair ...ouch
    got to feel sorry for the poor bee though
    xx fee