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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

New Christmas Makes

I have been busy making new Christmas Makes. I have made lots of assorted Christmas Cards but have this year I have actually made a set of four hand drawn ones and had them printed so I can just hand finish and glitter them and this is the end result.

I am pretty pleased with them as I don't normally do the printed thing but have had to as I cannot keep drawing them! I have also been making some ornaments, here are some that are finished,

I just love Christmas! even though it does seem to get earlier and earlier every year!
It is half term here now and I am trying to be out and about with Fin and Gabs if I can, saying that Fins friends keep turning up, I forget he is 11 now and doesn't really want to be with me all the time anymore! I can't get used to that. Gabs is at Grandmas with her cousin Kianna for the night so they will be having a lovely time and no doubt up to mischief around the farm. Dad has just had three thousand piglets arrive so the girls will be loving that.
Gabs and I popped into Marks&Spencer today and I love their Christmas Shop, they have some great stuff this year and have bought some wrapping paper that I love, I could have bought quite a few items but restrained myself as I do limit myself to only one or two new things each year.
Have a great week everyone and if it is your half term hope it stays dry so we can all get out for a walk!


  1. I love your new printed designs Andrea, they work really well, and will be so much less labour intensive for you! I also had a peek in the m&s christmas shop the other day too - they do have some lovely red and white bits in! Have a great week xx p.s let me know when you've done the transfer and I can post out your box of goodies! x

  2. The cards look fab and it is a great idea to get them printed as then more people will be able to enjoy the lovely designs!

  3. The cards are really lovely - great designs! I have hardly given a thought to Christmas yet, I must admit.

  4. Lovely new creations Andrea. I know what you mean re 11 year olds, it takes some getting used to them not spending as much time with you doesn't it :-( Wow 3000 piglets, my hubby wants a pig but I keep reminding him we don't have a farm ! x

  5. I love your work , its so whimsical!
    sweet blog i'm off to check out more....

  6. Hello there! I just wanted to pop over from France to say I think your Christmas cards are absolutely delightful. I really like your style.

    See you soon, Andrea.


  7. I love your new cards. I can't wait to see more! After seeing this post I almost feel like working on my Christmas cards now, but I have to finish a project I have started. :(
    I am looking forward to seeing more of your projects!

  8. Hey - I finally get a chance to pop over and say a proper hello! and nice to meet you. Thanks for posting my button on your blog - it fits in rather well over here don't you think!?

    I love the idea of getting your cards printed - and considering I'm at the printers most weeks I can't believe I never thought to do that! (ah, the beauty of blogging)

    Anyway - off for a nosey around and to become a follower. I think you were around my 100th - thank you!
    fee x

  9. I love those cards! Now comes the fun bit - the colours! :)
    Jess xx

  10. Lovely Christmas makes, Andrea! Such a great idea to get some cards printed ready to just finish off too. Hope you and the children had a lovely half term and the weather was kind!
    Helen x

  11. So many pretty things to see here on your sweet blog! You are a most creative lady. I have perused a couple of your posts and enjoyed meeting you :)

    Kindly, Lorraine