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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My Angel in 3D

I just wanted to share something exciting with you. Any of you out there who have ever had any of my cards will know that I always draw my little angel on the back, well she is on everything that I make! I have had her made into a real ornament from wood and this is what she has turned out like! I love her!

I have sold her with the saying shown in the picture but also with names on and with Christmas Angel on. Obviously Gabs has the very first one in her bedroom!
Don't forget to join in "Whatever you want Wednesday over at,
It is a great blog if you have not seen it with fantastic vintage clip art.


  1. It's lovely to see your cute little angel now in 3D, Andrea! She is so versatile too, useful for lots of different personalising and occasions. Thanks for the link, will pop over and have a look now.
    Helen x

  2. oohh that is so cute! Have you tried making one with that shrinking plastic stuff you pop in the oven - can't remember the bloomin name of it but you can cut it to shape and make badges etc out of it :-)