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Monday, 31 January 2011


Hope you have all had a good weekend, we have had a quiet one here at Fin and Gabs, Fin could not play footy after his op so for once Sunday was not taken up! So we had a lovely walk around the Marine Drive which is basically a walk around the headland which separates the two bays. It was a lovely day and was actually quite bright and we saw a few friends doing the same thing with their children. Fin took the opportunity to try and wear us down all the way around into letting him play games at school! He didn't win! He has had this op done four times now and I think our mistake has been letting him get back to normal too soon, so we are being over cautious this time.
As it is nearing the end of dreary dull January I thought I would do a giveaway, what better way to start off a week! I am going to give away a set of twelve cards made by me and printed by publishing firm
To be in with a chance to win, just leave a comment on this post and it would be nice if you would become a follower if you are not already. The closing date is Sunday 6th February, good luck everyone and here is an image of the twelve cards up for grabs.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

A Great blog to tell you about and some new things.

Update on Fin first, he is resting up nicely and on the mend, totally loving having the rest of the week off school!!! Back next week though! No games for another week mind you, and no footy allowed!! He is not pleased about that but he just has to put up with it!!!
I have a great blog to tell you about for those of you who have not already seen it. Pop over to see ,
Helen is a Crafts Beautiful Designer and has had books of her work published, the current one being

I think it looks lovely and a real must have!! Here are some pics of some things Helen has made but you can see more on her blog.

Those little mini scissors look fantastic!

A lovely little packet of things was waiting for me when I arrived home from work today. A talented lady called Jenny Arnott, again anyone who has not heard of her you can pop over to her blog,
Here you will see a fantastic range of makes and be able to link to Jenny's website,
Jenny is based in Somerset and creates beautiful embroidered textiles and accessories, consisting of cushions, bags, magnets, lavender bags, badges and compact mirrors, all made by hand with a combination of machine embroidery and applique so each item will be slightly different. I am lucky to be stocking these items in my shop and they arrived today, I just thought I would show you some of them!

Well, I will have to go and give Fin his meds and get him off to bed! (He thinks that just because he is off school he can stay up! - not likely!!!) Have a nice evening everyone and enjoy your weekend .

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Just a really quick blog this morning, Fin has his op today and we are really trying to keep his chin up! He does not like the needle in his hand and I really don't blame him (can't say that though can I!) Hope everyone has  a great day and maybe sees some sunshine. P.S the pic above matches Fins face to a perfect T as he is sulking as he is hungry and wants a cuppa!!!!

Thursday, 20 January 2011


Just a quick post before work! As we get older I think some of us might forget the importance of Valentines Day, I know I don't  really think of it as "exciting" anymore which I know is a real shame, but do you know what? now that Fin and Gabs and all their friends are talking about Valentines Day it takes me back to when I was at school and wondered if I would get any cards, I also remember going to school with dread that I wouldn't and be laughed at!!!! To hear Fin and Gabs talking about it makes me chuckle and find myself wondering if they will get any!!! I think I might make an effort and make Will a lovely card ! Gabs wants to make her best friends one, how cute is that!! Just thought I would show this fab piece of artwork from Mary Engelbreit and ask you all, Do you remember feeling like that? Aah the memories!

Monday, 17 January 2011

One Happy Gabs! and a few new makes.

Gabs has gone to a new Rainbow group, I am telling you this as she is now so happy it is untrue as at this group she is actually played with and involved with the other girls, I would never have realised that Gabs was getting ignored by the other girls at her old group if I had not helped at the Christmas Party, no word of a lie she ran in to the party all excited as you would be for a Christmas Party and the girls ran the other way, this was the same the whole evening, not one of them made any attempt to play with her at all, whilst I was upset for Gabs I was also very proud of her as she had not moaned or told tales about this, she simply loved going to Rainbows. What a real trooper you are Gabs!!! So I made it my plan to get Gabs into another group where some of her school friends are, a longer walk and not at our local church I add! but what a difference!
Fin had me do his dirty work today! He wanted to quit the school choir because, yes you guessed, it conflicted with sport!!! This as well as the never ending conversation all the way to school this morning about new trainers and footy boots, he described at least ten pairs in great detail what he would like, i didn't have the heart to tell him that he really will have to wait!!! I just let him talk right to the school gate!! When did he become so particular I ask you, he is ten!!!
I have been doing a few makes, and think can say these go towards my monthly make 2011,

I have to admit to something today also, I broke the no chocolate resolution, I got to day 17 and shared a Kit Kat with Jenny at work!!! Does it count or shall I put it down to a minor blip!! After all I hardly ate last week and now that I am on the mend I needed it!! Well I can fool myself!! Won't have any more though!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Button Love!

I just thought I would show you the current Crafts Beautiful magazine which features my Valentine project, seems like such a long time ago that I did that!! I always love to see the projects as I do forget what I have done!!

I just love the Button Punch that I have used in the project, I use it a lot that's for sure!! I spoke too soon the other day when I said I had managed to escape the dreaded cold! I am now dosed up with all sorts!! Going to work tomorrow, so early night and plenty of sleep and hopefully feel a bit better !! I am determined to fight it, Fin and Will have both been poorly so I suppose was only a mater of time!! Just Gabs now!!!
Fin is very pleased with himself as he played footy for school yesterday, they came first and Fin scored three goals!! Well done Fin!! Gabs has a little friend for tea, was organised already and though I don't feel like doing much with them it doesn't really matter as they are playing dress up, colouring, making and all sorts!! so are quite happy! I will have a  fridge full of pictures galore!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

All the fours!!!

We have had a lovely weekend here at Fin and Gabs HQ! The weather has been great so we got to go for a lovely walk, Gabs had a fab Birthday party to go to, her friend Tillly is now seven, Happy Birthday Tilly! Gabs had a great time she made a lovely bracelet and necklace and had her nails painted. She came away with a fab party bag and a super tiara! Great fun was had by all the girls! Will celebrated his birthday too! hence the title "All the fours" so he and Fin, Uncle Steve and Tim went to watch the footy, we then topped it off with a lovely meal out, a real treat for us! I managed to avoid the chocolate too and had a pavlova instead! Day 9 and I have not had chocolate! (not that I am counting or anything!!)

On a creating note, I have had a busy week making all sorts, I am busy doing my project (in good time) for Crafts Beautiful and designing some papers too for future issues which I am very excited about. I have made some new cards and notebooks too.

I have also been doing some made to order pictures, I call them my Ditsy Doodles, here is one I did for a little girl.

I love creating new things and it has been so lovely to see the sun this weekend, so lovely that even the pile of ironing does not seem so bad!! I am going to tackle that lot later!! Gabs has been off school all week due to the boiler being broken! thank goodness it is now fixed and gabs is back to school tomorrow!! Yey!! She was so upset not to be going back to school to see all her friends! Fin was not at all chuffed that his sister has had another week off school as you can imagine!!! Talking of Fin, he managed to not get a cancellation for his op over Christmas, woo hoo!! He has had a date though and is having it done on 25th Jan, so he is actually pleased as he will have time off school!!! I am sure when it comes around he would rather go to school!!! Well that pile of ironing is not going anywhere, in fact it is staring at me ! so I better go do it!!!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend everybody.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Blog Award

I have been given this great award from Christine over at Crafty Geordie , Thankyou very much Christine, what a great start to 2011. If you have not seen Christine's Blog already, you must go take a look, its fab!

I now need to tell you seven things about me and award 15 other bloggers. So I would like to pass this award onto the following fab Bloggers!

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There are so many fantastic blogs out there it is really hard to choose!
Now seven things about me!

I still live in hope that one day I will meet Doris Day.
I have only had a computer for three years.
I cannot bear to be up anywhere high as I feel like I have to jump.
I have a recurring nightmare that the sea is going to get me.
I would love to live in Vermont.
I adore cheesy Christmas films.
I am addicted to the Twilight Saga.

For everyone who I have passed the award onto there are four things you have to do and they are,
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Award fifteen other bloggers.
4. Contact each blogger and tell them they have an award.

I am now going to go tell everyone! It may take me a while!!!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Years Resolutions!!!

Well here they are!!! I always do the same, as everyone does!! Bring in a new year with lots of gusto and big plans and it will get to day two and I have broken them alredy!! So this year I am a bit more realistic and truthful with myself. Mostly involve the children and managing my time more. Two years ago I did say to myself to give up sugar in my tea and coffee and it is the one and only one that I have never broken!!!

I really will try to keep to these, I have lots in my mind I would like to do but that is more of a Goal list than things I need to change! I have asked Gabs if she has any New Years Resolutions and she said she would like to learn to swim without her armbands. Gabs has her confidence in the water now, so its time to book those lessons I think!! I asked Fin and he said he can't think of anything!!!