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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A Wonderful Life, Wild flowers,Gabby-Henge and Star jumps!

I just had to show the beautiful wild flowers in the meadow approaching Red House, they are so pretty. Gabs, I and Jenny took advantage of the super sunny Sunday and went for a lovely walk

Just before you reach the meadow flowers, Gabs could not resist standing in the middle of these randomly placed boulders, instantly, Gabby-Henge came to mind! Always one to take a photo opportunity, she was in her element and having a wonderful time.

You could say that the sunshine goes to your head! or maybe Mad Gab is catching! Gab certainly brings out the laughter in everyone! We had a lovely, lovely day! If you are wondering whwre the boys are, well! as predicted, The Grand Prix and Football won over the choice of that or a gentle leisurely day at Red House! One good thing though, I did manage to get a lot of work done and came up with some new designs which I will show you next time.


  1. Well, with one thing after another it did turn into a bit of a mad day! but also great fun as you can see from my fit of madgabs!

  2. You are all having far too much fun on a warm Summers Eve - bet Miss Gabrielle couldn't believe her eyes Miss Jenny!

  3. Hey Andrea, I am trying to email you but it won't work on your contact page. Could you send me an email so I can write you back? Thanks.