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Sunday, 15 August 2010

A Busy Time and Will in Hospital

"Get Well Soon, Will!"
Well, Will has finally had his op, and is in hospital recovering. Poor old will didnt expect to be so poorly and has two weeks booked off work and was hoping to be having a fun time with Fin and Gabs! He did not listen to me when I said he might be poorly for the first week! Never mind looks like he will be off a bit longer anyway!

Lots of people have offered their help with Fin and Gabs, my Mum and Dad, Jenny, Victoria, Auntie to name a few and I thank all of them very much. "SuperGem" in the picture was willing to be pictured! has been fab during the school hols, Thanks Gem!!

Fin Gabs and myself had an evening at Red House after visiting Will at the hospital and we had a lovely time, Uncle Steve did a little firework spectacular which Fin and Gabs loved!

"Gabrielvis" as Jenny has named her gave us a little song on the guitar!

Hve been doing some work as well inbetween all this and is usually late at night or in the early hours! Had to catch up on abit of creating for work so did some notebooks for work, I enjoy doing these and think they make a lovely little pressie for someone so think I will do a few as Christmas pressies as little stocking fillers! Have to plan ahead!!


  1. Your pictures are great! they really capture the moment!

  2. Thanks Jenny,
    It really was a lovely night! Fin and Gabs slept for England! Gabs until 10.15!!!! Has never been known!!

  3. Hello!

    I am Gab of GabsBags and I simply adore your blog. To call it delightful would still be shameful understatement! Best to Will!

  4. Hi Gabs,

    You cannot believe how pleased I am that you left me a comment! Gabs is thrilled too! I will now take this chance to say how Fab GabsBags are! Will is on the mend! Thanks ever so much x