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Monday, 16 August 2010

Forgot to mention Hannah, Wills on the mend and a surprise visit in Whitby

Thanks Hannah!!!
I made a major blunder on yesterdays blog! I forgot to mention Hannah who has been fab looking after Fin and Gabs this summer break especially as her baby is due soon! this week to be exact! so I think that Hannahs days of looking after my children are up! She really needs to take it easy at the moment!! Thanks Hannah you have been great!

Will is on the mend I am glad to say, went to visit tonight and hopefully he will be home from hospital in a couple of days. The above card is an image taken from PQ2 Creatives inc made by one of their designers. I have a range of cards that I designed for PQ2 called English Prairie by Andrea Willis, see the logo in the side bar to go to their site. This is what brings me to my surprise visit today at the Whitby shop where I was working today, Laura Grainger one of the directors of the company called in to say hello, it was lovely to see her and have a catch up, even though it was only quick as Bespoke Country in Whitbt has been very busy today!! It is approaching Whitby Regatta Weekend and it is just sooo busy! Anyway it was lovely to see her, Thanks Laura! Speaking of Regatta Weekend I had better go and make some cards as I got to work today to discover they had all gone!! So off I go to make Lighthoses, Boats and Lifebuoys!!

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